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  1. Yes that’s been the plan and fortunately they have expedited his testing due to the visa process and our anticipation of him coming over here
  2. No, but so far he has taken a blood test and an MRI. Should he bring these documents from his GP to the medical exam or what do they need him to show other than vaccinations?
  3. Hello, all! Has anyone had a medical exam done in London or do you know what the process is usually like? My fiancé has been getting tests done to see if he may have a heart condition which his sister recently passed away from. He has high heart rate and the tests they’ve had him do haven’t really come up with anything. What is the process like for the visa medical and would his high heart rate be a problem?
  4. Thank you, all! I think I’ve got enough evidence to go forward with if they ask for anything further at the interview.
  5. Hello, we are at the NVC stage of the K1 visa process and I am worried about not having enough proof of our ongoing relationship. We submitted photos call logs and texts of our first year together and of the first time we met. We have since only met one more time due to the pandemic. We filed in September 2020 - so roughly 9 months ago and I am wondering what evidence is needed to prove that we are still in a relationship. We spend our time on the phone constantly, but it’s all FaceTime and I have cleared my phone log on multiple occasions. We used telegram in the beginning but stopped using it months ago. If we don’t have call logs or texts to show proof, what can we do?
  6. Should I not be submitting any other info like form ds160 or affidavit of support? Do I just wait for instructions before I move forward
  7. Hello, I have not received any welcome letter and am wondering if there is anything I should be doing at this point in the process. I called the NVC and received a case number, but there is no 16 digit invoice ID or welcome letter to go off of. Should I be submitting paperwork with this case number or anything else? Thank you for your time.
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