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  1. Thanks for responding, so I would put in the last 3 years tax information the amount of both their incomes combined correct since they filed jointly . for the I864a I’ve found so many conflicting information on here but I guess I’ll just include I guess it won’t hurt if they don’t need it .
  2. I really need your help , I can’t find the answer searching so I decided to ask We’re getting the papers together for adjustment of status , we’ll be using a joint sponsor. She files taxes jointly with her husband for the section that says last 3 years of taxes does she write what she made individually or what they both made as in what’s reflected on the tax transcript? Also she makes way above the poverty guidelines does her husband still fill out I864a ? If so what’s the supporting documents to include ? please
  3. That’s what I said , her husband isn’t even worried really but she is because she just got her green card and she’s worried about having a criminal record such as petty theft . I’m not familiar with US laws but the fact that they paid for everything and the employee check the bags and they left I don’t see a crime there to be charged for .
  4. That’s exactly what I said too because the employee didn’t raise any alarm or cause a scene and they didn’t either . They complied went back had all the grocery bags search and receipt thoroughly checked then they went ahead scaned and paid for the other items . The employee packed their trolley back up then handed it back to them so they could leave . Sounds like the issue was resolved. But they overthinking that loss prevention is going to watch the video and see that they almost left with the goods and take them to court .
  5. Hello this situation is not related to myself however a friend of mine that is stressed I’m hoping someone that has knowledge of US laws could help me out . So she migrated to the US , both her and her husband were shopping in Walmart and they had a few items at the bottom of the Trolley they had a lot of items so a few items were missed they were stopped at the door and instantly realize they didn’t pay for the stuff at the bottom the items weren’t bagged or anything . The young man escorted them to a self check out aisle and checked all the bags and allowed them to pay for the items then allowed them to leave . No police or any other employee were involved they paid and left . Will this come back to haunt them in the sense of immigration ? As in is it possible that although they paid for the items Walmart could decide to press charges later on ? They cooperated and was nice towards the worker and they said the worker was pleasant as well
  6. My apologies for the misunderstanding I wasn’t denied a k1 visa I haven’t done an interview yet the 214b was for a b1/b2 visa . Correct, thank you . Sorry for the misleading tittle .
  7. I was given 214b , officer said I didn't have enough ties to my home country
  8. Hello all , My I129f was approved however while filling out my ds160 i realized that my parents names were spelt wrong well my fathers first name and my mother's middle name on the ds160 I corrected them . However I spelled my father's name incorrect on pervious ds160 before , I didn't notice the spelling until I sat and looked at my birth certificate recently . I also forgot to add a previous employment on my i129f package , i can't add it to the ds160 because it only allows two previous employments the button is greyed out . would any of this be consider material misrepresentation ?
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