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  1. Hi all An interview update: waited an hour after checking in before they called our number. Interviewer was a very chill, pleasant man even apologized for delay. He had my big file from when I originally applied open at his desk. (I Front-loaded it with evidence) He made random conversation then finally said let’s start. he asked my hubs questions first: his name, DoB, our current address his mom and dads names. And my name. Then moved on to me; my name, name change, date we moved to our new address, my dad’s name. yes/no i485 questions. If I graduated yet. (AOS from F1) If we had any children or plan to have any in future. He asked me to sign the forms and said he was recommending us for approval, explained the timelines and next part of the process since we are married less than 2 years. Gave us a print out then made more conversations before escorting us out. He didn’t look at any of the additional evidence I brought. ( I’m one of those 7lb-binder type of people) ...oh well, I’ll store it for ROC 🤣 Interview 8/8 Status on USCIS Website updated to card has been ordered, on the same day (8/8). Approval notice received 8/12 GC received 8/15 Side note: After interview I used my AP to travel outside country and came back just fine. (Interviewing officer said it was ok to still use AP). I had a bit of a wait before parole card was stapled to my passport ( it was the officers first time handling such a case) but went well.
  2. Congratulations!! Thank you for adding details in your post, helps a lot. Hope your card arrives sooner than the 2 weeks. I just got my interview notice so starting our preparations. We frontloaded the application packet so not sure whether to bring same things again or new supporting docs since last year or both? But I’d rather be prepared like you did and have the officer not ask for it than leave anything at home. Congrats again.
  3. Pray for the best, maybe the processing time will be even faster and you get everything sorted by November at the latest well at least I hope for you!
  4. This is wonderful, sure is moving a lot faster now. I hope I’m next! My PD 8/31/18! Good luck to you
  5. We did just that, married in a small private ceremony and then planned a huge reception for later. Haven’t interviewed yet but when we applied for AOS we still included tons of evidence. We included evidence from the time we first met/dating up to the ceremony (even with few witnesses we included photos) and also included first few documents from shortly after we got married-like new lease, bank account updates with both names, I elected to change my last name, added each other as beneficiaries of retirement and savings accounts. I think as long as your marriage is bonafide how you set up the actual days events (ceremony and reception later) is small potatoes. Make sure you have all the required bonafide proof and a dash more for good measure. Good luck and congrats
  6. Not sure about your question, congrats!!! Can you share your timeline please. When did you apply?
  7. No, for me that was 5 months from them receipt date on. I had the biometrics taken in October and received card beginning of Feb. The wait sucks; hopefully you have something to distract you.
  8. Hi there, My field office is MN as well, processing times are long! As mentioned already the NBC processes EAD/AP, I got mine after 5months (PD 08.31.18). There’s a Minneapolis filers group on this forum, if you like keeping tabs on progress with others from same field office
  9. That’s great news 👍for you guys! Good luck. How long was your wait when you were still in MN?
  10. You’re right. Might be reason it took a while for my status to update to ready to schedule interview. Part of reason I sent them is I had the documents and I also read someone’s interview experience where all the guy was asked by the IO was to present his old I-20. It would have saved me time than spend hours of excavating old I-20. I figured it wouldn’t hurt
  11. I did, (been on F1 status going on 12 years- I sent copies of I-20s from all the schools I attended, even the ones indicating I had CPT and OPT and OPT extension. Maybe overkill but why not. No rfe, I still wait on interview.
  12. Hi, I’m an F1 student as well, research assistant. We file all the forms you mentioned i-130 (130a) I-485, I-131, I-765. I think you should file for all of them. I just got the EAD/AP card, haven’t used it yet but I think it’s good to have in case you need to travel. Since you work on campus like I do, you don’t need to use your EAD for that, at least that’s what my ISO informed me. As for I-864, we use only my husband’s income but I have read cases where both spouses incomes were included (joint sponsorship), hopefully someone with more experience with that can comment to assist you.
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