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  1. wait for your biometrics appointment letter in the mail
  2. any tips on how to get them to push it through? I called but they said just wait a little longer or come into the office when it reopens
  3. Returned to the agency means the verification was completed and is returned to the local office and is sitting there
  4. Tick no if you were not a resident of the USA and did not file tax in 2019. However, you should attach your 2019 foreign tax return
  5. I personally sent in my 2019 tax return from my country. As for the statements they want to know what assets you have outside of the USA and that you won't be a public charge. Maybe someone else can chime in here
  6. best to wait until SSN office reopens and head down there yourself.
  7. 1) You would have to purchase health insurance for your partner in the USA. 2) Does your partner have his high school transcript? It will show English 11/12 and that should be good. 3) Liabilities would be on his side only so he will need to list all, not yours.
  8. nothing we can do just have to wait until office resumes and then visit your local SSN office.
  9. Screenshot your error message and also write a letter explaining situation. And include all your assets and liabilities in Canada thats what they want to see
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