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  1. Bring sunglasses Nagi. B)

    So a serious question....

    What are all of your opinions on this Iraq thing? Should we see it out until the end? Should we throw up the deuce and leave? Should we roll our eyes to the Geneva Conventions and level this whole country? Just curious....

    To be honest Mr. Matt, if there is no unilateral assistance from all the countries surrounding Iraq, it's virtually impossible to gain control of the situation due to the tribal rivalry and insurgency. It's obvious that Iraq is a country of vast wealth. If the country falls into the wrong hands, it could very well bring nothing but danger and disaster not only within Iraq, but to surrounding countries, and very well US soil. Terrorist acts cannot be carried out without financing. Get a hold of that oil there, and who knows what harm it could bring to the world.

    On a personal note, I would very much like to see the US exit stage left out of there ASAP! Our men and women serving there deserve nothing but the best. But I do not think our government is giving everyone the full, honest picture of what our country is involved in or committed. I just do not like the loss of American lives for another country in this situation. Period. Godspeed Mr. M.

  2. Hey Mr. Matt, in your honor today, I decided to break open a bottle of wine I've had for a while. It's not the $2.99 bottle of vino I drink for the amusement. This bottle cost me over $100 when I got it at the winery. It's not sold in stores. Cheers to you bud! All you, the men, and women do for our country is sincerely appreciated by me! :thumbs:

  3. LOL...I am not threatened by your limp wrist..or lackthereof... Besides, it looks to me like you have a beautiful fiance!!!!!

    :lol: Glad you catch the humor. :D

    My fiancee is quite the woman! I always light a match for her! :dance:

  4. That would be so much fun! Ya'll come to Texas!!!! I'll cook and we can go to Mexico!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Last I was in Texas, was in San Antonio in 85-86 when I was assigned there. They had a kicking rock station KISS 99.7 I think. I remember people there stereo-typed that us Californians all had limp wrists. :lol:

  5. I'm from the school of Ted Nugent. I'll have their ears bleeding before they know it. I have a guitar that can blow the balls off a charging rhino from 50 paces ;)

    Suddenly I imagine you as Desperado..yielding a guitarcase that shoots bullets!!!!!!



  6. G'mornin Blue Ballers!

    How'd you know that I like to sit around icing my balls on a Sunday? :lol:

    How's it going man? You hanging in there okay in Iraq? If I played guitar there, they'd ask me to stay and change the name to "Iroq" for my wicking guitar playing ;)

  7. Your story is not the first one I've read on VJ with similiar circumstances. One thing I seem to notice in most of them, the future mother-in-law mentioned quite frequently. We don't know his side of the story. And I don't know if this applies to him. But most "mama's boys" find it quite difficult to move to another country. Since his mother isn't a fan of yours, I see mothers like this who do not want to lose control of the hold they've have over their son(s). Very sad if you ask me. Odds are he probably wants to be with you here. That's what's causing him to flip-flop on his decisions.

  8. Hi GM & Vis...I'm not doing anything. I'm actually relaxing for a first today. No kids at home. I got the house cleaned, rearranged the living room, & paying bills online. Now I'm debating on going to get a bottle of wine or hitting the gym. Probably the toughest choice I've ever had to make :lol:

  9. Believing that he was going to collect a dowry of $100,000 in gold should have been enough reason to know it was a scam. People get suckered in due to their own greed. Unless you socialize among the rich and famous, any person with 1/2 a brain would know it's a scam. I'm guessing next he'll be giving out his bank account information, from an e-mail he received sent in Nigeria, from someone who wishes to deposit $10,000,000 dollars into his account to hold for him :lol:

  10. I'll be happy to answer the questions. Good ideas on these ;)

    Whose language did you communicate in - yours or your partners - and why? I choose to communicate in her language. Though she can read English fine and has an understanding of English if spoken slow, I found it easier for us to communicate in Russian because I really wanted to speak what I could not speak here on a daily basis for my own practice.

    Are there any positive sides to not speaking the same mother tongue? To me yes. Learning to speak Russian has been an equalizer where I live. I love speaking it to those who always assume that I automatically speak Spanish when they approach me. I will add that learning Spanish would probably be a hell of a lot easier to learn. I started with Russian, I wish to finish learning it ;)

    Did you ever feel frustrated or misunderstood? When? Only in Russian-speaking countries sometimes. The language is spoken from further back in the mouth. Not from the front of the mouth. If the accent isn't hit right on the word, it's lost to the wind. But it adds more to learning the language for me.

    In which situations did you most feel the language barrier? Just the phrasing. I tend to put words in the order as if they were in English. Sometimes it comes out a little jumbled. But still understood as anyone that is fairly foreign within a country which English is not their native language.

    What is it like to argue in a foreign language? I don't argue. It's a waste of time for me. I don't even do that in my own native language of English. ;)

  11. I had a customer once named

    Anita Gunn

    You just reminded me of a guy I used to know when was in a band a long time ago! His last name was Bush. His wife's name was Anita Bush :lol:

  12. Hi There

    I would put that she is single and has a child.

    It is not illegal in US to have a child without beeing married ans she was not legally married.

    If they ask her on the interview i would say that she had a child with this man and he left her, wnent to Malasia and passed there.

    It will depend who is listed as the child's father on the birth certificate. The US consulate in her country may request to see proof of the child's other parent's approval that it is okay for the child to immigrate to the US. If she does not have it, then a death certificate may be requested. As I have stated earlier, it's best to seek the advice of compentent, qualified family-based immigration lawyer. It would suck to get the interview and find out these surprises.

  13. I remember Deney Terrio (later Adrian Zmed of "T.J. Hooker" * "Grease 2" fame) accused Merv Griffin for sexually harrassing him.


    Sued for $200M in palimony in 1991 by Brent Plott, a case dismissed with prejudice. Sued again by secretary/bodyguard Denny Terrio for sexual harassment, also dismissed. "Merv does not refute the underlying implication in both cases: that he is gay... He parries any direct questions about his sexual orientation. 'You're asking an eighty-year-old man about his sexuality right now... Get a life!'" :lol:

  14. you people do realize that he didn't have much choice in becoming an illegal right? he came here when he was 3...

    Sure we realize that. Now he won't have much choice going back to Mexico. His parents put him in this situation in the first place. Now he has to pay for their actions. Besides, even if he would have finished school, got his degree, it's highly unlikely there would have been no way he could have become a certified attorney-at-law without the proper ID. If he would have been able to succeed to that point to where he practiced in a court of law, could you imagine how many criminals would be freed on his account because they were represented by an attorney under a false ID once he was discovered to be in the US illegally in the first place?

    I find the whole thing I ironic that he wants to become a lawyer, still at the same time, he is knowingly breaking the law he wishes to practices. :rolleyes:

  15. thanks for letting us know!

    I have not received any here on Vj but constantly in my personal e-mail. These people have infested the internet with these sorts of scams. Really wonder if anyone really falls for such #######.

    Believe it or not, yes. There are people that fall for these scams. It's pretty much common sense on anyone's part. The thought of possibly making "easy money" is always the bait. And the trap clamps down on them when they lose a lot of money in the process. The TV show "Dateline" uncovers a lot of these scams in their reports. "There's a sucker born every minute" is a phrase often credited to P.T. Barnum.

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