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    You're gonna have to call me more than a damn coconut for you birds to offend me! ;)

    With so many of you rallying together to call me whatever you wanted, it just reminded me of this photo:


    The funny thing I am asking myself, being Filipino also, how many of you Filipinas might be related to me? :lol:

  2. It seems I missed all the fun last night! So I got called "ugly" in Filipino? Big deal. I know I'm about as beautiful as a person can be. :D I don't hide the real person I am behind a fake photo of a magazine model. At least, you could have chosen a 1/2 decent model of real "beauty". ;) I know who I am, what I am, and there's nothing you can do to make me feel otherwise. I will not give you approval to make me feel inferior. As I have obviously, done to you. :lol:

    If I were allow you to do that to me, I would be upset too. But I'm not. ;)

    Your quote had me laughing so hard! :lol:

    "My purpose to go there is to marry my fiance, we'll of course go shopping as well, once in awhile we'll go to an expensive restaurants/ shopping at stores selling signatured stuff... yes, be nice and I will be nice, someone not being nice so i told him pangit, lol, which is true. i am always nice in posting questions here, but some people really like to say things that are not nice so.

    I am proud to be pinay! not a closet pinay, unlike others.

    There is a word for this type of person....hmmmm....GOLD DIGGER!!!!!!!! BLAYAD!!!! :lol:

    I have a whole family of pinays that are in their old age now. Your so-called "physical beauty" is not going to last forever. :D

    Yes, I am Filipino and proud of it. I'm American first and foremost. I was born here. I don't need to dig for gold. Whenever I choose to go to another country, acting ignorant while being arrogant, is something I don't see that will help you. Most Americans aren't going to tolerate you and you're not going to find yourself being happy here. If this is the way you're going to respond to people here in the USA, I don't think your soon-to-be husband will be getting very much attention. You're going to be spending most of your time filing complaints against everyone who you think is not being nice and believing they have discriminated against you. On this last note, WELCOME TO THE USA!!!!! :lol:

  3. I don't think she meant she was out to sue. I think her basic question is whether or not she has any recourse against discrimination.

    No, I knew what she meant. It's just funny how that's the first thing of concern. IF she can sue. :whistle:

    A chance at "free" money? Sure why the hell not. I see she posted another thread in the K1 forum asking about qualifying income. Does 1+1 actually equal 2? :huh:

    why couldn't you get my question in the k1 room? I got an answer there because people understood what I was trying to say. English is not my first language, why do you have to insult huh?

    You are misunderstanding me. Or you just want to insult and that is being stupid

    Am I being insulting? I'm sorry that it has been grossly misunderstood. Why would I give you the same answer pshbrk gave you? You got the answer from him by the time I had read that thread. No need to tell you again when you already got the answer. I never made fun of your English. You're creating something to give youself ammunition to sue me for being discriminating toward you. It is not going to happen lady. :lol:

  4. I don't think she meant she was out to sue. I think her basic question is whether or not she has any recourse against discrimination.

    No, I knew what she meant. It's just funny how that's the first thing of concern. IF she can sue. :whistle:

    A chance at "free" money? Sure why the hell not. I see she posted another thread in the K1 forum asking about qualifying income. Does 1+1 actually equal 2? :huh:

    I dont mean to sue them so I can get money from them, I meant to know my rights what can I do if people discriminate me, and to know my rights as legal resident. Thank you to the one who pasted the link to immigrants rights. That's what I needed to know, and not hearing your insults. Is it being stupid to ask in advance about my rights when I am there? I believe I have to know my rights, so at least I am aware of it and know what to do and not to do.

    And, firstly I said here to excuse my English because I really can't say what I meant to say in English. I posted in another room about income of fiance/e to qualify to sponsor me because we're not sure if my my fiancee is earning enough to qualify to sponsor me or not, and if he is not he can start to find someone who can be his co-sponsor.

    At least some people in K1 room understood what I meant to say about qualifying income and you Joemama what's the problem with my question in the other room, huh?

    Not a damn thing. Freedom of speech is one of our "U.S. RIGHTS". If someone steps on this RIGHT when you're here, you can sue them for that also. ;)

  5. Funny thing about my divorce, my ex wanted $2600 a month from me. $1300 spousal support and $1300 child support. By law, she was entitled to receive alimony for 5.5 years which is half of the amount of time we were married. She was a housewife for the 11 years. When we were divorcing, she said that she shouldn't have to work for the next 10 years. I sure as hell did not sit by and let her get her way. I fought like hell for 2 years and everything worked out in my favor. I don't have to pay her a dime. My girls are with me more than 1/2 the time and I don't have to put up with her starting any shitt with me. Sure, her attitude was completely arrogant during the divorce because she thought she would be entitled to getting $2600 a month from me. What money she received from me during the divorce, she used to fly her boyfriend from Washington state to California every other weekend. She would send my girls over with clothes and shoes too small, etc. She told my girls the money she got from me, was for HER. Now you know why I fought that bullshitt. The final outcome, thanks to being self-employed, my income turned out to be lower than her income and my girls are with me more. By law, I can pursue child support for my girls. But I do fine. I actually used the situation against her and her arrogant attitude is now gone. I made it very clear that she is not to bother me, not start shitt with me in front of my girls, nor talk to me in a degrading manner as she was accustomed to before. I told her I don't have a problem going to the district attorney's office and filing for support from her through their office. She knows she'll have to hire an attorney and there's no way for her to get around having to pay me at that point. They'll take it directly right out of her paycheck. She ought to be glad I don't go after support in the same vengeful manner as she did. ;)

  6. I don't think she meant she was out to sue. I think her basic question is whether or not she has any recourse against discrimination.

    No, I knew what she meant. It's just funny how that's the first thing of concern. IF she can sue. :whistle:

    A chance at "free" money? Sure why the hell not. I see she posted another thread in the K1 forum asking about qualifying income. Does 1+1 actually equal 2? :huh:

  7. Can I sue them?

    welcome to america....you are learning quickly

    No shitt. Can you imagine how tied up our courts would be for each incident when someone used nasty words, disrespected a person, insulted where he/she came from, etc. :lol:

  8. Hi. First, thank you for everyone who uses this site. It's great! And forgive me if I am posting this in the wrong place - this is my first time joining any kind of forum. And forgive me if anyone has asked a similar question, but I could not find anything like my situation (although I'm sure I just didn't look long enough :-)).

    I have been dating my boyfriend for roughly 1 year. I am a US citizen. He is from Brazil & came to the US illegally (via Mexico) and has been here for 3 years. We want to get married and are not sure if we should try for the fiance visa or spouse visa I am worried that the government/consulate will find out that he has been in the US illegally and will bar him for 10 years. He aquired a tax id # & driver's license in the US (license has since expired). When getting his license somehow a authorization form to work in the US was filed in his name.

    I assume either visa we apply for we will have to do the waiver, but does anyone have any suggestions on what is the best thing to do? I have spoken to so many lawyers & they each give me a different answer. Should we do the fiance visa? Spouse visa? If we marry, is it better to marry in the US, Brazil, another country?

    Also, I read on one of the postings that someone told the truth on their forms - that they stayed in the US illegally after their visa expired - and they were approved the visa. Is it better to "lie" of tell the truth?

    Sorry for the long post. I'm just so overwhelmed! Thanks in advance to all!

    Nicole & Wilson

    Looks like you have your cake and maybe will be able to "eat it" too.

    LOTS of us had to do the process while separated for long distances and long periods of time.

    To me your man is here illegally and should be deported and banned.


    Why r people so bitter!! The girl is in love and trying to find a way that she can be with her faince.. its great that you did the long process and got what you wanted but for god sake listen to yourself!!

    People are bitter about someone being here illegally? Then asking advice how to "shortcut" the system to THEIR benefit asking advice from those of us doing this legally? Absurd! :lol:

  9. I just hope whomever takes office on this next election will listen to it's US Citizens and fix all the ####### that's been done by the current administration and other politicians in Congress. I haven't voted in almost 20 years. I never bitched. But I registered the other day. All I see is politicians are more worried about their wallets. US Citizens are taking a backseat to the rights of illegal immigrants. As well as, fighting a war which we've lost too many US military lives already. It's time to get out of Iraq and bring our soldiers home. I'm concerned with the way our country is heading. :angry:

  10. Thanks for the input, everyone!

    A couple other queries: I've been thinking about paying the $1000 bux or so to an attorney to help, since they claim to have 100% success in obtaining the visas. Does anyone have experience with these companies, or think that it's unnecessary?

    The only problem I can think of with our criteria is that, well, we just met in February, and although it hasn't been that long, we are completely sure we want to spend our lives together, and especially since it's going to take a LONG TIME to process these documents, we don't want to waste any time "dating" from overseas...Would they deny us on the basis that we didn't date for very long?

    Also, while I was in Brazil, through some dumb fluke I only got a 30 day tourist visa, which I overstayed for about 2 months.

    And, we only have but ONE photo of us together (since my camera was stolen 2 days after we met :( and he didn't have one at the time.)

    Are these issues a big deal, do you think?

    Thanks again for taking the time to respond to my posts, it's great to get some feedback.

    I can't wait to be the person GIVING HOPEFUL ADVICE AFTER THIS ALL WORKS OUT!


    It doesn't matter whether you met in February or not. As long as you've met within the last 2 years of filing for a K1. As far as your proof, photos are secondary evidence. You have your passport with the dated stamps showing you were in that country at the time of meeting? You have your flight itinerary? Boarding passes? Receipts, etc.?

    About the attorney, that's up to you if you wish to hire one. Most of us here at VJ, were able to do the work ourselves. We were the only ones who could guarantee OUR 100% success rate. As long as you don't think there are difficulties in your case, you may not need one. But, as I have said, that decision is up to you. Best of luck!

  11. ... our mysterious Captain Ewok?

    Just being curious!? :blush:

    if you have to ask, then you are not in the inner circle

    You will know once you are invited to join the inner circle. You will see this face and be asked to put the lotion in the basket. You will either do it. Or you will get the hose again.


  12. Anna asked about documents being sent back to her and they handed her the documents she was concerned with. I believe she also paid and additional 40 RPH to have the rest shipped back with her Visa.

    I am leaving August 2nd to Kyiv and returning August 6th so "joemama" if you have last minute stuff you need sent let me know.

    We also have the name/phone of the lady that we rented an apartment from a 3rd person. This is so that we could pay less in the future by leaving out the middle man. So if your looking you can PM me and I will get you that phone number and you can call. Anna stated it was a great place, we will most likely be in that same one during our Aug. 2 through 6th stay in Kyiv.

    Good luck on your interview!


    T, thanks for the offer about the last minute stuff and apartment referral. Yesterday, Karolina received the last of the documentation she needed from me for her interview. The company Karolina's mother works for has an apartment in Kiev they get free-of-charge. We stayed there in February. I'm glad you're going to be in Kiev during the summer months. This past winter was the coldest weather I'd ever experienced! My damn ears just about fell off. And I was wearing a cap over my ears too! :wacko:

  13. Hi everyone!. I am new here and that is awesome web site !

    Do you know where to go in Ukraine to obtain (order) Police background checks ? Is it just in Local police office of the city? May be someone has an expirience of obtaining it in Odessa, Ukraine.


    My girlfriend is from Odessa. You can try contacting her through my profile on here. Her name is Karolina. Can't miss her. She's had her's done and probably wouldn't mind helping you. ;)

  14. Been to Ukraine 4 times in the last 2 years. Going back again next month to get my sweetie. I love it there! The differences of "conveniences" we have here in the US and, those that are not quite in place yet in Ukraine, don't bother me at all. Not many people speak English. I was intrigued to go somewhere where people didn't cater so much to Westerners. I'm not fluent in the language. But I can speak and read enough to get around there with little or no problems. It's all beginning to change there now. I've seen McDonald's in each city I've gone there. Seriously, the decline of a civilization. The "Super-size me" effect is gaining momentum. :ph34r:

  15. Our government needs some serious house-cleaning. It's ridiculous when stories like this happen. Enforcers of our laws and victims of a crime are made out to be the perpetrators and get punished in more ways than one. While the actual criminals always get a free walk and more rights. Diane Feinstein has always been a blithering idiot and opportunist. Californian's seriously got it wrong when they allowed people like her and Barbara Boxer take office. Everything they get their hands on turns to sh|t.

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