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  1. Are proof of income going to be needed for the AOS interview? Or will they be going by what was submitted at the time of applying for the AOS? I submitted my last 3 years of tax transcripts for my wife's AOS. I'm guessing that we'll probably have her AOS interview around April or May of 2008. Being self-employed and my income does not meet the Federal Poverty Guidelines for 2007, I wish to be prepared if I have to seek assistance of a co-sponsor at the time of interview. 2006 income was sufficient. I don't know about the tax year for 2007 at this point.

    Any helpful suggestions from those who already had their AOS interview much appreciated. Thanks! ;)

  2. I don't see where you're missing anything. Sounds like you're very organized!

    Are you taking your USC husband's name? If so, remember to fill out all your paperwork with that new last name.

    My wife wants to take my last name. I originally filled out the AOS papers with the name change. But I changed all the AOS papers to her maiden name to reflect all of her documentation as we are going through the AOS process. I was uncertain if the AOS papers would allow the name change right-a-way because it would not have matched her passport, K-1 docs, etc.

    I guess later we are just going to make the name change with SSA and DMV. We got her SSN after she arrived. But DMV wouldn't even let her get a state ID card because her I-94 was within a 60-day expiration date. California has some strange proceedures. :wacko:

  3. I understand ur situation, and its funny how intend to report everybody to the immigrations. Even the American girl? What are they gonna do with her? Deport her to the US ? In your situation, I think u do have a good case here. If i was in your shoes, I would continue gathering evidences of him cheating like u have been doing. u can do a little bit more by waiting for an opportunity for him to abuse you. If you know he's cheating, just look for a perfect time to get in his business. That's going to make him mad and possibly hit you. Then u can call the cops. Look for two or more opportunities like that and make sure u save the police report numbers for each case. Then u can go ahead and file for a divorce. When its time for your removal pf conditions, all the letter u have as well as your police report are enough to prove that u were a victim of abuse, so u're filing independently. Wait... if u've been here for a year, didn't y'all ever file taxes together..? If u did, then that is a good reason to show ur marriage existed, no one would file taxes with a stranger u know.. U can switch the tables around like that. All the best.

    When and where did you get a degree on being able to give marital/immigration advice? To, actually suggest someone envoke abuse, is absolutely ignorant to maintain status. You, straight up, suck! I'll be honest, suck it ho! :devil:

  4. Quick POE review/experience. Landed at Chicago O'Hare. Got to Customs/Immigrations. An officer directed US citizens to one line, immigrants/visa holders to another line. I asked the officer about K-1 visa holders, he directed my fiancee' to a line. He told me by all means, certainly accompany my fiancee'. I was happy that I didn't have to ask. Waited to together in line for about 5 minutes. Got the next available immigration officer. Karolina gave her the sealed envelope from the embassy. Officer looked at them, asked us 3 questions:

    1) How did you meet?

    2) To Karolina: Do you have any children?

    3) When is the wedding date?

    After sorting through to make sure all the documents were there, she said "Welcome To America" and sent us on our way. 10 minutes total time. Grabbed our luggage from the carousel, ran through the scanner, out the door we went. No problems at all. Very fast, efficient, professional. :thumbs:

  5. Here's a recent picture of Seagal, apparently from a gig he did down at UEA (University of East Anglia)


    Stroke that guitar!


    Sorry Steven. Leave the guitarmanship to us musicians! Some people just don't look good with a guitar around their neck! These photos are proof of that! :lol:

    Edit: I've never watched a complete Segal movie all the way through. Changing the channel on a Steven Segal movie gives me about as much inspiration as Billy Graham gives to his congregation during one of his sermons ;)

  6. Hello everyone, First let me say that this forum has been a big help to Yulia and I and we really appreciate the members here who wrote back a response to my questions and giving us all their support ! Thanks again! My new question. My Fiancee would like to know if any members here had their interview in Kiev ,Ukraine. Yulia is looking for a hotel close to the embassy and office for the medical test. If anyone has any info that I can pass on to Yulia, that would be very helpful and appreciated. Again....thank you !! Jeff

    My fiancee' just had her interview this week in Kiev and was approved. Yulia should like dealing with the consulate in Kiev. All the reviews have been great from what I've heard so far. Just be sure to have all paperwork very well organized. As far as the hotel, I'm sorry I can't recommend one to you. Except for the Hyatt. It's only blocks from the embassy. My fiancee' stayed at an apartment her mother's company has there in Kiev. If you do an internet search for Kiev apartments, there should be a massive amount of them there for rent. Best of luck to you! ;)

  7. however there is a guy on theworldoffilipinas.com who just receved his NOA2 approval from CSC, and he has never met his filipina fiance. he has mental fatigue and financial hardships he says and got a lawyer to say he cant travel. he got approved yesterday. it will be interesting to see if his fiance is approved in manila. and he is not wheelchair bound etc. he looks fine to me. i dont know how me will afford her expenses there for the visa or the AOS here in the states. im not even sure how he afforded a lawyer. he seems to still live at home. his posts said he asked his dad if he could marry the girl. they have chatted online since 2004. He did get a RFE for more on the relationship, so he wrote them a letter telling them it. he posted his letter back in may. he filed in march but the way.

    in the end, he did get approved. he posted the email stating the approval.


    He's got a dog. If he can afford to feed the dog, maybe they'll end up sharing the dog food to survive. It's not unheard of ;)

  8. Yeah. She passed her interview on Tuesday. She woke me at 3am to tell me. I'm happy about it. But I felt no need to publicize it. Unexplainable. Guess I like drawing attention to myself in other ways. ;)

    I'm waiting for your visa to be approved so I can watch your's and rejoice :thumbs:

  9. Not a damn thing is happening. I'm going over things in my decrepit mind about my trip next Thursday. I'll be heading over to get my lady. Won't be back home until Labor Day. Will everyone survive without my presence? This weighs heavily on me! :o:lol:

  10. Any kind of insurance here, is a scam. They push it as far as they can. I was with Kaiser Permanente for a while. Being self-employed, I had to pay 100% of the premiums each month for myself and my 3 daughters. One month, they jacked up my premium $200 more a month without notice. The insurance was only used once for my daughter who had strep throat. I don't think it dictated me having to pay another $200 a month. I dropped them and got the girls into Health Net. After my fiancee is here, I will shop for another carrier. Because we do plan on having more children. I don't know about the rest of the country, here in California, you have 100% medical coverage if you decide to be on welfare. So much for pulling your weight here and contributing into the system. Being lazy pays! :wacko:

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