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  1. We'll see how long this lasts. There's been something seriously wrong with the Van Halen brothers for a long time. They've made some looney decisions throughout their career. Watching the Journey camp, they now seem to be following in those footsteps. Their singer left last year, got another one, kicked him out, and have taken the rest of the year off. But I think they're going to bring Steve Perry back in. Which is long overdue. :rolleyes:

  2. Hiya Nagi, Godmother of Class! I hope all is good with ya. I just stopped in to browse quickly. I'm getting busy to take off in a couple of weeks to Ukraine. Plus, I'm working on getting the wedding together for here on Oct. 20. Talk about busy busy! :rolleyes:

  3. Cool. I hope she has fun! I've got 2nd row seats next month to take my lady to see Heaven & Hell (Black Sabbath w/ Ronnie James Dio), Alice Cooper, and Queensryche. Since these artists do not perform in Eastern Europe, though she has heard of them, I can't wait to see the expression on her face seeing these artists up close. Especially, Alice Cooper! :D

  4. Gone through there many times...you'll be able to do it. You have to take the tram from one side of the airport to the other side to catch your departing flight. Don't hesitate to ask for help either! Good luck! ;)

  5. Yea we miss him on the daily talks, stay safe and hurry home, has anyone heard from him yet

    I saw Matt was on here just over a week ago. I believe he's been keeping in touch with Nagishaw.

    Stay safe and hurry home Mr. Matt! happy_face_military_salute.gif

  6. Try any of these and see if it works for you:

    Apply a paste made of baking soda and water to the bite.

    Apply an unseasoned meat tenderizer containing papain (such as Adolph's) to the bite.

    Do not use on small children or babies.

    Do not leave on longer than 15 minutes. It can cause skin burns.

    Avoid contact with the eyes.

    Soak the bite site in Epsom salt and water.

    Apply a piece of garlic or onion to the site. Both garlic and onion contain enzymes that break down the substance the body releases in response to pain. For best results, pound or steam the herb (and let it cool) before you apply it to the skin. If the smell of garlic or onion on your skin bothers you, avoid this remedy.

  7. Oh, so it's used.

    Congrats nevertheless. Hope you enjoy the car!

    Whats 10 apr financing?

    %10 financing from chase bank, Because I havent bought a car from bank,... all i was do paying cash.. for first time i bought it thru financing..!


    If I ever have the ability to pay cash, I do. All that financing makes the actual purchase price much higher when you reach the end of finally paying the loan off. :(

  8. Congrats. It looks cool. I have friends that drive Jetta's. To be honest, I always found the seats too hard for my butt to sit on for a long time. It's your car, if you like it, that's what matters ;)

  9. When divorce happens, there's no winners. Except for lawyers. Both spouses lose out. Especially, the children if they are involved. I spent $20,000 and it wasted 1.5 years of my time having to fight all the bullshit and accusations in court. But I got all 3 of my daughters. That is what was more important to me. If you feel that you must protect yourself, your children (if any are present now and future), and what you have worked hard for all your life before meeting your girlfriend, then by all means, do what you think is necessary Bill. Sure, everyone speaks of trust, mentioning a pre-nup is insulting, etc. But who knows exactly what the future will bring about for any relationship. Whether you are doubting your relationship, a person can't always allow their heart to make decisions. That is why we have a brain. We either use it or lose it.

    On a personal note, doing a pre-nup for me would be pointless. My divorce completely wiped out what financial plans I had for the future for myself, my 3 daughters, as well as, personal assests. I have to start all over again. 11 years of hard work right down the toilet. My fiancee and I will be having to do this together for both of us and our children. What we earn together will have to be split together if something was to happen.

    Now, if I had emassed a big fortune and assests, absolutely I would present a pre-nup. It's not mistrust. It's the future of my children that I would be thinking about.

    Even if you did mention the pre-nup and she agreed to it without being insulted, that would tell me your fiancee actually cares for the relationship. All I can do is wish you the best as you try to find the right proceedure to approach it. ;)

  10. i doubt most bottled water is straight tap water but the water is probably filtered and minerals are added.....

    i never had any illusions that bottled water came from some mountain stream somewhere :P

    I know what you mean. I never had any illusions that Sandy Duncan would always question her freshness whenever she would look upon an open wheat field in those Masengill commercials. :lol:

  11. AquaFina, whether it comes out of the tap or not, the large opening at the mouth of the bottle has a very good purpose for those of us who travel long distances. But don't want to pull over to use the restroom! :lol:

    LOL I've had to do that on a few occasions.

    Situations like that, all you can do is lean back into the carseat while driving and say, "It's great to be a guy"! ;)

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