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  1. One thing that has been virtually done away with or taboo out of fear is the actual disciplining of a child by a parent(s). Medicating a child is easier to calm a child down rather than giving 'em a backhand like those of us who are older can remember when we were kids. Anything physical is now makes a person abusive. In comes the medication to aid the problem. Society no longer watches out for each other either. No one wants anyone else telling their kids anything whenever they catch them doing something that is obviously wrong. Otherwise, they get pissed off at that person. Being a father of 3 girls, I do not have any problems with them at their schools. They know if I found out they were acting out, I'm crazy enough to go sit in their classrooms all day in a bathrobe ;)

    I've been checking out videos lately on YouTube about kids "baiting" teachers to the point where they completely blow-up and it's captured on video for all to see. Some of these teachers lost their jobs while the kids were laughing their arses off. I have to give props to you teachers and how you handle all of it. With the way kids are allowed to be these days and how much they get away with, I, seriously, could not do it. You'd see me plastered all over YouTube :lol:

  2. I was in the military with a guy who's last name was "Fuchs". All the sergeants always mispronounced his name as "F-ucks". And it wasn't on purpose. :lol:

    it's german for fox :thumbs:

    You mean to tell me that I've been running around all these years telling people "Fox You"? It just doesn't have the same appeal! :crying:

  3. I don't want to rain on your parade. But there are realizations to the visa process. You have to keep in mind there are a lot of factors that could come into play and could cause delays. Keep reading these posts and look at people's timelines on this site. Some have gone fast, some at a normal pace, some have gone slow, some are sitting and waiting in an abyss without any knowledge where they sit in adminstrative review. You can get a generalization of the visa process. But there's no guarantee any of this process can be completed in 6 months or less.

  4. There's a doctor here with the last name of Payne. Also, an judge with the last name of Fuchs (the correct pronunciation rhymes with pukes).

    I was in the military with a guy who's last name was "Fuchs". All the sergeants always mispronounced his name as "F-ucks". And it wasn't on purpose. :lol:

    Growing up, I remember 2 kids who's parents were hippies. One kid was named "Free" and the other "Universe". Not long ago, I was listening to the radio and they were discussing about a soon-to-be-mother and her mother were at odds with each other. Because the soon-to-be-mother wants to name her child "Tapioca"!!! Her mother was seriously protesting the name of "Tapioca" being given to her grandchild. Sometimes, trying to be original with naming a child is nothing but hell for the person growing up and being picked on by the other kids :rolleyes:

  5. One thing I always loved doing over there, is playing the "Who's the American?" game. You can always tell us Americans: Usually in tennis shoes, shirt not tucked into the pants, always 2 girls with 1 guy (more than likely from a romance tour), puts garbage in the trash can, etc. :lol:

  6. We arrived early for our flight from Kyiv to JFK(NY). I was explaining to Anya all about flying, and why.

    It worked great as we were pretty much first in line at the check in place etc.. I would then tell Anya, now just wait about 5 to 10 min. and sure enough BOOM the line was long. She called me a very clever man. LOL.

    The line was long during boarding though. I waited a bit as I got online (Wifi and had to pay this time :( )

    However, YES, I cut in line, Anya asked me why I did so, I told her I was in Ukraine, and I do as Ukrainians do!.

    LOL She gave me a weird look.

    I told her to turn her ticket down so that nobody would see it, we entered from the left, as if we were in business class, so nobody really took notice. LOL

    Don't call me a cheater, I am not that type, but yes, I have seen it all over there, and it was time to take charge!

    Bonus ME!

    You are right about the line-cutting and doing as Ukrainians do. You've got to stand there parked right up against the person's ####### in front of you. Or you'll end up at the back of the line pretty fast! :lol:

  7. If you consider legal action against the attorney, be sure to place legal action on your former grade school for the English they taught you. I'm not trying to belittle you. But it's obvious somehow they slipped you through the system. If you are the US citizen :(

  8. I spend much of my day yakking away in Spanish.

    We get a lot of looks because I'm white...it just must be very different to people. I've seen Latinos giggle and clap.

    In some places, white people tend to start to look very unforfortable. The twitchier they get, the louder I get...sometimes I like to throw in some meaningful smiles.

    I'll do whatever I can to make these xenophobes uncomfortable!!

    I agree with you! Being that I am quite tanned (Filipino, by the way), my brother and I, return conversations to those who automatically approach us thinking we speak Spanish. I respond in Russian, and my brother, in German. It's hilarious to watching the response on the faces of those who think we're from south of the border! :lol:

  9. Take the next couple of months off from sending anything. Tell them or your fiancee that you just don't have any money to send at this time. See what the reaction is. If there's no friction about it, from either your fiancee or her family, then you can continue on without sending anything any further. That should tell you that they're fine without your financial help. If there's ANY friction about it, from either your fiancee or her family, that will tell you if you've being viewed as a sugar-daddy or not.

  10. Nope. It still isn't working for you...Keep trying! :thumbs:


    Where have you been Joe?

    Hey William. I've been around. Sort of here and there. I'm getting ready to head off to Ukraine in a couple of weeks. I've been busy getting ready for that. I've got to make sure things are okay while I'm gone. Karolina has her interview this Tuesday the 14th. Hoping all goes well with that. I'm also in the process of getting things together for our upcoming wedding on Oct. 20. Nevermind that I'm raising 3 daughters & working 2 jobs! I just can't seem to find enough to do! You got any extra work you wish to pass onto me? :lol:

  11. how old are you?? did you met while she was working???

    We are both 28 years old and yes i did meet her while she was working

    are you serious, or just trolling? i can't believe noones called troll yet.

    who are you to question how serious i am you know nothing about me or my situation!ive had some nice people on this site help me but there is alot of people who just want to critize and question your motives.so thanks alot! i guess ill look elswhere for help :angry:

    Dude, ignore what may be insulting to you. Being new here, someone's got to push your buttons at first. It's no big deal. Blow it off ;)

  12. biker_hughes_lrg.jpg

    In March of 2001, original member Glenn Hughes succumbed to lung cancer after a long fight. It was a devastating loss for the group as they lost a good friend and brother. Glenn was buried in his leathers as he had requested.


    Smoking ####### is no substitute for cigarettes! :lol:

  13. An all-too-familiar story of the man getting screwed by the family courts. Getting stuck having to pay for a child that is not his. Whether or not, the mother decieved him all for the benefit of financial gain, it's time these judges started handing down punishments of jail time to those who purposely commit fraud in cases such as this. And give legal recourse to men to be reimbursed by deceptive mothers. Maybe it will stop ####### like this from happening. That judgement seriously needs to be overturned and the laws corrected.

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