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  1. Good morning y'all!

    "Organized" religions are strange to me. Most religions exist because of either guilt or fear. Guilt because they did something that they feel was bad enough to seek solice or guidance. Fear because of breaking any of the 10 Commandments or violating any religious writings or teachings. I was raised as a Catholic. I choose not to go to any church for my own reasons. To this day, I still don't understand Catholicism in the least bit. I've asked questions about things and I've never got a sensible answer. I was always told, "Because that's what God said". I believe in a higher power. But that's about the extent of it. I don't pray because I feel the power to change or make things happen are within each of us. If someone feels that they need to turn to God to help them, I don't see a problem with it. I will say the only religion I absolutely detest is the Jehovah Witness faith. They re-wrote the Bible to suit "their" religion. Even photos of Jesus and people from that time, were clean-cut like they went to the barber every week. I was married to one for 11 years and their focus is always on the end of the world when everyone will die. And God will only resurrect Witnesses to populate the earth. As positive of a person I am, it was difficult being with someone who was always focused on the negative aspects such as the end of the world. I could go on and on about it, but I believe you are all smart enough to get the hint ;)

  2. While I know quite well that all Hispanics don't support mass illegal immigration from Latin America, I find quite a lot that do and I have found that most do from my own personal observations. It is the legal community that enables the illegals to thrive. The local state and city Hispanic politicians in Texas act as if the illegals are their constituents and do whatever they can to protect them from the law. Some are quite famous for it. To try to say this issue isn't divided along racial lines is absurd.

    I absolutely agree with you PJ. On a different note in California. It was funny, years back in the election for governor, the current governor was impeached. The Lt. Governor, Cruz Bustamante believed he was going to easily take the governor's office by way of the Hispanic vote based on the population. He was catering to them and waving that flag pretty hard. But like Bush, the people he was schmoozing, were illegal and couldn't vote. Of course, Arnold Schwarzenegger, won the governorship and got most of the Hispanic popular votes during that election. They didn't vote for Bustmante, even though, he was Hispanic like them. They didn't trust him on governoring California. It was a major slap in the face for him! :lol:

  3. Welcome to the world of visas. Anything can happen at any time. It will all happen when it happens. Patience is absolutely a virtue in this process. It doesn't do any good upsetting yourselves like this. I was in your same situation watching all the VSC'rs passing us CSC'rs by with lightning speed. Getting NOA2 approvals in less than 3 weeks time. It was crazy! All us CSC'rs could do is sit back, relax, and give congrats to those who were getting approved through VSC. As you see, it doesn't matter which service center anyone is going through, no one is "privileged".

    Maybe while you're waiting, start reading up on what's gonna need to be done after your fiance(e)' gets here ;)

  4. Hello,

    I have a couple questions for you guys about former marriages.Ok, so my fiancee is from Thailand and when she was 18 her family pressured her into marrying. They never registered it with the government and she never changed her name. She also had a daughter out of this. The husband and her finished after 3 months and he moved to Malaysia and he died there. They do not have death certificates because they were sent to his fanmily becuse she was never "legally married" because they never registered it with the govt.

    On some forms for the K-1 Visa it asks if your fiancee is SINGLE, divorced, or widowed. Do you think I should say she is single, or widowed? Remember, she never registered it, so the government never knew she was married. What should she say about the child? If they ask?

    Thanks a lot guys!

    Well, you are going to have to list the child in the application if she is bringing her daughter with her when they immigrate. I do not know the laws that govern her country on removing a child with or without consent of the other parent. Or if the US consulate there will ask for approval stating the other giving consent to the child leaving.

    You will receive more advice about this as others look at it. But I think in your situation, it would probably be best if you consulted with a compentent, family-based immigration lawyer. It could not hurt getting legal advice from someone who is trained & certified in this area. VisaJourney is only a forum of public opinions and advice. Good luck to ya! ;)

  5. my fiancee lives in the philippines.we have asked her parents and got their consent to let her come here on a fiancee visa.but since i dont meet the required income i have my dad co-sponsoring her.i was told that she wont be able to come bcuz co-sponsors arent apporoved on fiancee visas.nor do they approve it at the embassy in manila.does any1 know if this is true and do we have a chance to do it and wont have to worry about being denied?any1 with the same experience know anything about it?plz help!

    If you and your father meet the required income guidelines, there's no problem with her being approved for a K-1 visa on that aspect. You would probably be best served asking this question in the "Philippines Forum" of this site about the Manila embassy. http://www.visajourney.com/forums/index.ph...mp;s=&f=129 Good luck! ;)

  6. Dumb f-ucks! They should have never taken to our US streets and made their demands upon US society. They spoke out. And now, with a resounding American voice, they're finding more and more they are not welcomed here! Stay at YOUR home bastardos! You ain't wanted here! :thumbs:

  7. Drive In's wow.. definitely can remember...

    I grew up in San Diego.. Chula Vista to be exact.. went to Marian HS in Imperial Beach... One of the guys from the Football team's father actually was the manager of the Drive Inn close to the school.. Does anyone know who Matthew Modine is .. ? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matthew_Modine

    Oh the memories of my sister Sarah (Puff) and Mat... the parties at the drive in with the gang.. ..

    Then there was the horror nights...

    Parked in the front row.. with my sisters valiant.. speakers upon the hood of the car.. blanket spread out.. drinking snowballs.. (peppermint schnaps & 7UP) .. watching Dawn of the Dead Chainsaw Killer Little girl down the Lane.. Amity Horror.. etc... what fun..

    I lived in Imperial Beach for a short stint in my childhood. But never went to the drive-in there. Matthew Modine, I remember from Vision Quest. The best was when he got busted with that ladies undies :lol:

    The Little Girl Who Lived Down The Lane...wow...Jodie Foster as a youngster in that one ;)

  8. My uncle is Mexican. He immigrated here LEGALLY many years ago. It upsets him when he hears about illegal immigrants and how they were going to be given amnesty until that bill was defeated. He basically said, "When I came here, I did it legally. It took me many years to go through this process of becoming a US citizen...do it the legal way, or get out."

    Props to your uncle and those like him! My father served in the US Navy for 20 years before he became a naturalized citizen. My father was right there with uncle and his sentiments about illegals. :thumbs:

  9. well hubby and I are meat people, we always cook steaks or chicken or seafood on weekends. But, since hubby is not here today and I LOVE cheese (which, he hates), I thought, why not stink the house and have nobody complaning about it? So, I'll cook myself fettuccine with blue cheese sauce with garlic, olive oil, that tastes amazingly good. Anyone want some?

    I would accept the invitation. But I'm having an old friend for dinner tonight :devil::lol:


  10. When I worked for MCI Worldcom I was an escalation representative. When you call customer service and ask for a supervisor, you just get transfered to a rep that's been there longer and has permission to curse, but will usually back up the rep you just spoke with (provided they were following the rules)

    So one day I get this call, and the rep tells me, "I don't know what her name is or her number, she won't tell me she just asked for a supervisor!" She transfers her in and this lady is PISSED! She's yelling right away that no one takes her serious and everywhere she goes she gets laughed at. "I am new to this country and I can tell you no one in Vietnam treats me like this! What kind of country is this?!?!?!" I calmed her down and finally got her number to get to her account. As the account is pulling up I ask her to verify her name and address.

    Phat Ho (I think you already know how that's pronounced)

    Notes on her account talked about:

    Phat Ho called in and we discussed rates :lol:

    Call disconnected, no Phat Ho on my line.

    This Phat Ho wanted to add an international calling plan.

    There were others in my 3 year career there, but I will never forget Phat Ho :D

    I don't think anyone can forget a Phat Ho :lol:

  11. Hey Lena! Long time no see lady! Seeing by the start of your thread, you've been a busy with a lot of thinking. YuAndDan is correct, police records from Bulgaria are unavailable. Relax and have a drink lady! ;):thumbs:

  12. May God give you courage, my friend.

    GF.....fava beans, anyone?

    I've got a nice Chianti to go along with that liver :devil:

    GM, always a pleasure to see you lady! And Matt, of course. My friend Nigerian friend Habib has been waiting for Matt to give him his bank info so he can deposit that $10 millions dollars into his account :lol:

  13. Cool. I hope she has fun! I've got 2nd row seats next month to take my lady to see Heaven & Hell (Black Sabbath w/ Ronnie James Dio), Alice Cooper, and Queensryche. Since these artists do not perform in Eastern Europe, though she has heard of them, I can't wait to see the expression on her face seeing these artists up close. Especially, Alice Cooper! :D

    OH must be great concert , I like ZZ top but damn heaven and hell ( GO SABBATH ) wow have fun and enjoy :yes:

    We're looking forward to this show. I haven't seen Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath or even Dio (solo). One of my favorite all-time albums is "Heaven & Hell". :thumbs:

  14. There's nothing about "defaming" a lawyer if you wish to say, "I patronized this lawyer, [insert Name] from [City & State], for services. Would I use this lawer again? 'No'. Please refer to the State Bar of this attorney's state for further information". And just leave it at that. There's nothing bad being said about them. Employers use this trick whenever someone is calling about a past employee that was fired from their employment to prevent them from being hired for a new job.

    Just never lose their pants if you have a dry cleaning business! You could be liable for up to $65 million dollars! :lol:

  15. There was a women that would bring her child to the ER where I worked. The child's name was Pajama. (Pa-ja-mae)

    One of my best friends last name is Pickle. She named her son Dillon Pickle. The poor kid is called Dill Pickle.

    I also had a friend that named their daughter, Sunny Meadows.

    Another friend from a long time ago named their baby girl. Delcenia America Artesia Jones. :wacko:

    Meriem (F)

    What is in the water in Memphis? ;)

  16. [size="3"]My boyfriend sent our I-129F application on May 8th 2007. Since then we haven´t any news about an answer from imigration. We have the mail receipt and my husband called them. They said they sent us the NOA1 since May 14 but this notice didn´t arrive to my boyfriend address. Why this happen? When he called, he corroborated the address and it was Ok... We are worried about the content of this letter because I have read that sometimes imigration ask for more evidence. I´m not sure if in case of the RFE be necessary, it comes with the NOA1 or if they may ask for the RFE in another mail?

    When we check our case on USCIS page this information do not change since 2-3 wk ago... The same happen when we check about the processing times on CSC...

    What is happening? It´s a normal thing?

    I thank you so much for the information you can bring me.[/size]

    I don't think your husband would be too thrilled about mail going to your boyfriend's address :P

    I didn't catch that. :lol:

  17. So i cant really do anything until she is 18 and able to sponsor me? ...being out of status would mean what for me?

    We both know this is the right thing, she is my soul mate, and we both need eachother right now...she isn't taking it too well.

    Welcome to the waiting game. Everyone on here is a participate and no person is an exception. 18 years of age is considered the legal age in US to be an adult. Being "out of status" are usually not good words. The best advice I think any of us could give you and your fiancee' is for her to consult with a family-based immigration attorney which you could receive probably more options and/or better advice to your situation that no one here would know about. This is just a visa discussion forum. Getting sound, legal advice from someone who specializes in immigration visas I think would be more helpful to you both.

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