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  1. The problem is that many states (my own included) set the State ID expiration to be the same as the EAD/AP card. So once the EAD expires, so does your state ID. (and your ability to work)
  2. (as mentioned in the above referenced article) With the extensions to the EAD ... are they going to send a new card with a new expiration date automatically?
  3. What do you mean? You think they will deport those who are married to US Citizens, who came here legally? Or those here on H1B?
  4. It's supposed to protect jobs, but I would like to think spousal and K1 would still go thru as that's a different thing all together. I'd like to think that anyway.
  5. No, that's true. The doors are slammed shut. I have NO idea how that affects those with pending applications. (Hopefully not at all) Wait and see.
  6. This is EXCELLENT. (Especially the EAD extension, since that's the important part -- Assuming I can find her a job in this environment) .. and thank you for the sample letters also. I'm in your debt.
  7. We got our letter that our April 30 interview was "cancelled". No idea what's next. She can't work after September. (and it may take that long to get a job) We are concerned.
  8. We have ours scheduled for April 30th. (Scheduled before the current zombie apocalypse obviously) I have a slim bit of hope that we will still go, but it's ever so slim.
  9. I mean the worst part of it was they separated us ... so for five hours I had absolutely ZERO contact with her. I was worried she was going to be deported. Communication would have been good. Or at the very least, why couldn't I simply wait with her? We absolutely are NOT leaving the country again until she gets her green card.
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