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  1. Not to make you feel even more uncomfortable, I-129F is the Petitioner's responsibility and its adjudication doesn't go that deep, being mostly focused on the Petitioner and overall eligibility of the Beneficiary. To the contrary, DS-160 and the interview are focused on the Beneficiary and are sole responsibility of the Beneficiary, that is what the checked remark before signing stands for and that is what the oath is for. The only party that bears no responsibility whatever (document vise) is Rapid visa. Their statement sounds totally ridiculous and is definitely false. The issue itself is not that material, however this is only the beginning of the journey and whichever decision is made at this stage must be adhered to later on, by the Beneficiary and by the mother, should she happen to get in contact with US authorities for her own reasons.
  2. The approach is correct but not the idea behind it. DS-160 wants the name the mom goes by right now, because there is a question as to whether or not this mom is in the US right now. Mom's maiden name comes into the picture only when and if she herself files a visa application or becomes a Beneficiary
  3. It never occurred to me until now that my birth certificate bears my mom's (then) married name and in I-129F and DS-160 we used her current (aka maiden) name because she had divorced my father long ago. I don't remember that DS-160 could ask for applicant mother's maiden name and surely does not provide this "other names used" option for parents. Therefore in my case there is no way these two names can match but if my mom wants to visit she will apply in her current name, which is not an issue, and if she will apply to immigrate, she will present the whole bunch of documentary evidence of maternity and name change.
  4. Choose whichever you like Hardly so. I-129F is your fiance's responsibility, whereas DS-160 is your responsibility. You may be put into AP for a longer time but it's unlikely. Just print out your DS-160 and keep it to avoid repeated mistakes No, go strictly by the Embassy's list as per their website No
  5. Kiev often makes the approved I-129F available to the Beneficiary by emailing it with the confirmation of readiness to schedule the interview and IMBRA pamphlet. The idea is that IMBRA requires that the Beneficiary must be well aware of the Petitioner's history, including sensitive information like previous filings and criminal history. They check this box pretty easy by mailing the whole scanned petition with approval stamp. However the mail goes to the Petitioner and it is up to them whether or not forward it to the Beneficiary. The mail is in the Beneficiary's name so it normally should be forwarded in full.
  6. This is absolutely impossible when filing DS-160. An applicant files it online and the server will not let her proceed to the next section and/or save what has been filled in already if there is a discrepancy, even a minor one. The system is very smart and effective (though sometimes is overloaded so better wait until the US sleeps, which is easy in Ukraine). Paperwork in Ukraine is quite simple. However, let your fiancee specifically request that the company prints out her copy of DS-160 because it will be further incorporated in I-485 almost in full.
  7. I am mostly sure you will be asked about this relationship and his ex if you go alone. There is hardly anything more personal and committing than being open with each other about relationships/marriages that failed. You know better if and how you can speak on this matter. In our case my USC fiance was married a few times and filed an I-130 for someone he met and married in the US. I was prepared to discuss all his marriages but we were there together and they never asked. By the way, this was the main reason I wanted him there, since we did have some more red flags. None of them seemed to matter as long as the two of us appeared with my son. In a nutshell, his ex alone will hardly be an issue as long as you will be composed, calm and open about what you should reasonably know.
  8. Look at your I-129F file. How large is your initial evidence? Is it well-organized? Is it persuasive enough? How clear is your relationship? Do you have red flags? Did you address them as early as initial filing? Then ask yourself and your fiancee, what would she prefer: being there with you or having you there for travel? In my personal experience, they didn't care to look through the evidence of on-going relationship but 50% of questions were addressed to my fiance. Also the CO appeared to rather look through the binded file instead of the pile of screenshots or transcripts people used to bring (there was a person before us so I could relate). When we approached the kiosk, all that stuff was already pushed back through the slot, while during the interview he went back and forth to the file. The interview is a life changing event, travel is not. Focus on what is really important for you and your partner, evaluate the risky points, if any, and do what you think is best for the two of you.
  9. It's difficult to believe that German students would seek enrollment into a community college in California for a fee (+ travel and accomodation) whereas Germany has abolished tuition fees for undergrads, both German and international, at all, only books/campus compensation payable.
  10. Then at least you may rest assured about her not making 'material misrepresentation' which could have effect on further visas. Making it simple, you have written proof of what she's filed before and the conclusion is well made by JFH above
  11. Her visa applications are very recent, why not try to extract her old DS-160's and be sure about what she filed there? If it is correct, she would hardly verbally represent something contradicting under oath, as she should have been both times.
  12. Texting may be used as a proof of on-going relationship at the interview stage. Stop calling each other spousal words and build up your further evidence wisely.
  13. Well, you've made me reach out for our I-129F to be sure LOL. 8.a - we left it blank
  14. But if the question had sub-questions and the principal answer was 'no', 'none' or 'n/a', we didn't go any further. USCIS found that sufficient.
  15. Print it out without the slash and write it in later by hand. When the embassy provided the approved I-129F to some VJers (sometimes they do it to comply with IMBRA requirements), many forms were hand-marked/checked at every question. It means they do no want them blank.
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