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  1. Hi everyone! Just received my GC on hands! So happy! Surprisingly this process wasn't so stressful and frustrating as K-1 visa process! Probably because I am with my husband, we enjoy each other and build our family and just happy be together! Anyway guys, I wish you good luck, get your interview and GC as soon as possible and don't feel frustrated! You will get your GC anyway, this month or in 2 months. But the main thing that you are together with your soulmate, just enjoy this happiness!
  2. Just had my interview done! It took 1 hour, at first they asked standard questions from petition about terrorism and crime. Then asked about our relationship, how we met, how grow and develop our relationship, our plans for future. About documents they asked what documents do we have with our both names there. We gave statement about our joun bank account, information about car insurance, live insurance. In general they also look how couple communicate, so if your marriage is real and you have nothing to hide you will be fine!
  3. Yes, it's complete. So I can use it? How was the interview?
  4. If your medical exam, which was done at home, is less than 1 year old, you don't need new one
  5. Hi! I have question for spouses who had green card interview. I got my interview notice with list what I need to bring to interview. I am a little confused about medical records. Do I need to do medical exam here in the USA or I can use records which I got in Kiev before visa interview?
  6. Just got interview notice by mail. So happy! Now a lot work with checklist for the interview.
  7. You can fly inside the usa without any problems, just don't leave the country
  8. Hi, I am on Guam, arrived here in March with K1 visa
  9. Got this notification. Does anyone know what it means?
  10. Status update for advance parole application. Does someone know what it can mean?
  11. Yahhh today we got mail with my biometrics appointment!!! I am so happy!
  12. Finaly got my NOA1 by mail today! Now I have question, how do you figure out where is your office, which take work with your case?
  13. Hi! We sent our documents last week and USCIS got them in Monday. Waiting NOA1 now. Good luck to everyone in this another long journey!
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