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  1. Today I got my temporary DL:))). I fought so hard:)) visited DMV seven times but I have what I need. After they verified my lawful presence (it took tree days and I checked myself on site my status) I came back to DMV and they printed my DL
  2. So today I had a battle with DMV (Terrell). 40 mins I tried to explain that I need second verification!!They didn't want to do it. Then the lady called her supervisor because she didnt know what to do with me))). I showed a list directly from the TX DPS site that specifically states that the NOA is a proof of lawful presence but the supervisor said it doesn't mean anything, that I just printed it from internet))). I insisted on putting me to the SAVE system to verify my presence. Then I had to file the form again, had my pic and fingerprint. She put me to the SAVE system and told me to wait!!!!!!!!!!! When I asked to wait what and how long she answered: "A letter i guess". The question is: does anyone have the number for the dps verification center? or i really need to wait a letter. Who knows ...DMV is so sure it won't work for me but so many people got their DL in TX having AOS pending.
  3. I have also a question. On 02/14 I applied for DL (Texas). on 03/03 I passed an exam and they gave me a DL BUT ONLY FOR SEVEN DAys. Before I asked the department verify my lawful presence documentation through the US Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE) Program. I showed them my NOA-1 (Applicant for adjustment of status) but I got this DL till the end of my visa. Don't know what to do now. I visited another DMV office and noone helped me either. May be someone had the same situation in Dallas area, give me an advice pls.
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