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  1. Hi, Everyone. I am back from my vacation and wanted to say that after 3 requests I finally found my extension letter when I came back home. I also traveled with a stamp. No problems with the airline or at the border. Came through Newark, went for secondary inspection and was out in 2 minutes
  2. Just got my Biometrics letter today! Scheduled for the 17th. I did submit a request over the phone a month ago. Don’t know if that made a difference at all.
  3. I think it’s probably because of the recent move to Germany. I’m Bulgarian and my sister got her Visa from Germany as well. However she was in college there for 2 years and enrolled at the time of interview. So that might have made the difference. She had no trouble. 2 questions, in and out. I’m sorry this happened to you ☹️
  4. Just got my passport stamped in NYC. There was nobody in the offices. In and out in 15 min with security, check in, everything.
  5. After 2 e-requests, I finally got a call and was scheduled for infopass in NY in April. They emailed me 2 weeks ago that they sent a duplicate letter, yet the officer today said they still haven’t mailed anything. Oh USCIS I have nothing to say.
  6. Yes. I got the email/text. I can see it online it says I don’t need to do anything. I’m just comparing myself to @price411 since we’re both in NY
  7. It’s been about a month and half, no NOA, no Bio letter. Filed e-request for non delivery, but of course no way to know if anything is happening. My card expires April 14 and I’m traveling out of the country on April 20th. They really need to get their **** together.
  8. EAC number here. From Brooklyn, NY. I hope I get NOA before April since I’m traveling in the second half of April and will be coming back to NY when my green card is expired already in May. My status online says they received it and if they need anything they’ll tell me. No dates, nothing. Only my acceptance email said I should receive NOA in 7-10 days
  9. Just received a text my case was received. EAC number
  10. I send mine on the 17th overnight. It was available for pick up on the 18 at around 2.30pm. Then the next day said something similar and to Schedule Redelivery. It ended up getting picked up on Tuesday, signed by Thornquist at 3.50am?! Give it a few days to see what it shows
  11. If you actually write the zip code in google maps you’ll see that both of these are in the same place. Mine says it’s available for pickup from zip code 75222 and it’s still the same building. So I think we’re fine 😉
  12. Hello, Everyone. It’s been a good (almost) 2 years. I just sent my papers now and it should be there tomorrow. I didn’t go crazy with the evidence as in my mind I already more or less proved my marriage is legit so now I just kind of added to my previously submitted document. A few extra bank statements, the first pages of the 1040 for last 2 years. Some contracts from our big wedding, insurance and trip tickets. My window opened on Monday.
  13. Perhaps she can have sheets of paper with the questions in English on one side and her language on the other. That way she can show the paper and people can point her the right way. As for immigrations you can write a letter with all the information about where she’s staying, etc. wheelchair definitely is beneficial with speed and there’s someone rolling you around to exactly where you need to be. Convenient if it doesn’t hurt the ego of course 😁
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