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  1. Oh, I did also mention that I have to have the green card + extension letter on me at all times, and received a 2 minute monologue about "my neighbor cop who said that they couldn't care less about immigration issues goshdardnit" so no real unity on what the government wants from us. Not that I carry that stuff with me at all times anyway, I guess.
  2. All right guys, here's where we are: 1. Called the main SSA line. Rep was very nice, a bit confused ("why don't you just send the Canadian passport and that's it? Oh yeah, I guess it needs to be a U.S. passport"). He told me that based on the POMS section quoted earlier in the thread, the first person I spoke to in my local office appears to be misinformed, and to call them back. 2. Called my local SSA office. Notes: * No in-person appointments; my local office only does those for people with work visas who don't have an SSN at all. Some other offices also have disability services, case-by-case. Not for our case, ultimately. * They have their own in-house notary service, and they 100% need originals. No ifs or buts, must be originals. * Turnaround, at least at my local office, is: (1) receive envelope; (2) don't touch it for 3 days (COVID), (3) open envelope, in-house notary certification, scan originals, mail back - then deal with the request. * Told to include a detailed manifest of all documents I am sending and an explanation of my situation and what I'm asking for. * Told that it's not a bad idea to include the POMS section just in case, noted earlier in the thread: https://secure.ssa.gov/poms.nsf/lnx/0110211025 (thanks @HRQX!) * Told that normally, they can use the green card as proof of identity, but because it's expired, they're not allowed to. So required are: the application form for replacement, expired GC, extension letter, and a government-issued ID. Apparently I can send in my original Canadian passport as the ID, but advised not to (1. US-issued ID is better, and 2. some ramblings about maybe having to go to Canada because of "the situation", guess they're bored). I technically have two OR driver's licenses, something about the first one that was sent to me having bad laminate; I asked if I can send them that one even though I technically needed to cut it up, and was told, "it's not like we check with the DMV that it's valid, whatever". * Don't need to send the original SSN card with the DHS note, just the things above. * Asked about including a prepaid certified envelope. Told that they have an in-house mail room that they use, but if I clearly include in the manifest that I am including a prepaid envelope with a tracking number and to please use it, "I don't see why they wouldn't use it, just makes it easier for them", so take that as you will. I guess maybe I'll do it. Kind of sketchy sending this off into the abyss though, so I don't know. I also asked if I can notarize copies of the GC & extension letter, and was told absolutely not. Similarly, asked if I can hand them an envelope and like, pick it up next day or whatever, and was laughed at.
  3. Yeah, I did first ask if I can make an appointment, and they said that my particular case doesn't qualify. I wonder if I just say that I lost my card and need a new one, if that qualifies? Need it for work or whatever. I think we're allowed to lose, what, 3 or 5 cards per decade? Gah.
  4. Completely agree - and just in general, is that not a requirement, at least technically, to have with us our GCs and if expired, the extension letter, at all times? We know how USCIS operates, I can't imagine SSA being its efficient cousin that returns your documents to you within a week. I've been trying to register my car for 3.5 months now! None of those offices are efficient! I'm not sending them any originals! I will try to chat with SSA again today, I'll let you know if I get anything new.
  5. Oh, huh. I wonder if it has something to do with covid? I was unclear on where I would even send my documents, and whether they need actual originals (hell no, don't even know when they'd send them back). I called my local SSA, and the lady was very specific that they won't process anything with an extension letter, didn't stumble at all when she said that. I'll maybe call the main SSA line tomorrow and quote what you quoted, see where it gets me. Do you know if I have to send the originals? The SSA form implies that they require originals, but I mean, don't I have to have an original GC on me at all times?
  6. Got it. So I don't even need SSN; if I had a clean SSN, I could have gotten away with DL + SSN. OK. Thanks!
  7. I vividly recall seeing this document when I initially onboarded under TN: Are you saying that I have to show A documents (green card + extension letter) and a B document (drivers license)? I haven't looked at this thing in a while, but it reads like the extension letter isn't even permitted so I can see HR confusion. I think the winning combo is ID (DL or technically passport) + SSN card with the note + extension letter with expired green card, so B+C? I have an expired conditional GC, extension letter, SSN card with the note, and a valid DL. So I think I'm legally in the clear but the I-9 form is a bit confusing. If push comes to shove, do I dig up documentation from the USCIS guidebook you linked?
  8. I'm looking for a new job, and I'm realizing that I really should have removed the "valid with DHS authorization only" line from my SSN card. I called the local SSA office, and they said that they will not send me a clean card with an extension letter, so I have to wait. I have an expired green card, the extension letter, and the cursed SSN card. I know I'm legally able to proceed, but am I going to have any trouble with new employers? I'm sure it's case by case, but has anyone had good or bad stories you can share?
  9. Depends on the state. I had a 10yr license in SC and OR, with the conditional GC. Other states use the date on the ID you show them as the expiration. Just depends.
  10. Ah, didn't see a time line. SRC/NBC transfers moving quick
  11. Which processing center, and when did uscis receive your app?
  12. I have to use a PO box, and so far, no issues with mailing notices. I also have informed delivery for my non-deliverable physical address just to make sure nothing is sent there (or at least so that I know it happened).
  13. You all wanna hear my completely speculative opinion? By the way, check out the MSC ROC thread. I think that there are two more possible options: 1. MSC was no longer processing ROC cases, but the backlog got to USCIS, and now they're back at it. They literally just didn't update their system to even send information regarding ROC status updates yet. 2. The decision was made, that MSC will get all cases that will ultimately be decided at the field office level. There's no reason for them to do anything, other than confirm that the form has the signatures, before sending it off to the local field office. No updates on that - just when it's finally transferred. It looks like plenty of people had their cases at MSC before this year, and some had interview waivers. It appears pretty clear that some sort of process changes took place, but alas, none of us were part of that webinar so who knows what they're up to. I actually sent an email to the ombudsperson to see if they do keep transcripts or recordings.
  14. Huh, good to know. There's one RFE floating around from years ago, that had a list of all accepted statuses for this sort of purpose, and only OPT was omitted. Makes sense. Good luck!
  15. According to that USCIS write-up, you can determine if you will definitely have an interview (your case begins with MSC), or whether you may or may not have one (everyone else). So to answer your question, no, but in MSC cases, you apparently definitely will have an interview.
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