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  1. Had my interview yesterday, smooth and quick experience. Oath the same day. Officer was rushing my interview because the certificate office closes at 2pm and my interview was at 1:35pm. Made it with 4 mins to spare. So happy to be done with the process. Now to do all the admin! Good Luck to everyone still waiting!!!
  2. Awh man, well I'm an idiot. I didn't read that they'd reverted back to 2008 so I've been practicing 2020 haha. Hopefully not that many differences, but at least I caught the mistake with 1 month before my interview
  3. So I opened up the case tracker app and it said that they were still reviewing, but I thought I would give it a refresh (not sure why it didn't do that when I opened it) but hey! It popped up with the notification that my Interview has been scheduled for August 1st!! Filed early Jan, case changed 06/21. Hoping PDX office is a breeze. Good luck to those who are still waiting, it's coming!
  4. Hey January Filers! Any movement for any of you in Portland, OR or PNW in general?
  5. Hey, usually takes 2+ weeks so you should get it soon. Do you mind filling out your timeline? This helps make the estimated timeframes better on the site! Thanks and Good Luck!
  6. Thank you so much for this, I was about to make a post asking the same thing. Lifesaver! 🤩
  7. I read the thread that mentioned filing online could put your case date a day behind. I checked mine and it now looks like they've changed the timezone to GMT as it's showing a day after. Filed 01/09/2022 ELIS Payment Email says 01/10/2022 So I think we're good Good Luck everyone! EMAIL RECEIVED ELIS EMAIL PAYMENT TIMESTAMP
  8. I am very confused. So I was told when I bought my house that if we were to ever sell it then we’d owe more taxes as I’m an LPR and not a US Citizen. If that is not the case then that’s great, I’ll still go ahead with the citizenship application. I have no issues being an LPR or USC. I just wanted to know if those who have become US citizens have ever had a problem or negative experience since becoming one. I’m wanting to keep my British Citizenship as well and know that I am allowed to but has anyone experienced issues with UK Pension/taxes or other things I may not be aware of? thanks for all the comments this far! Hopefully this clarifies my post a bit!
  9. Hey all, Wondering if those of you who have successfully become US citizen (are dual citizens) have found any cons about doing it? I'm contemplating applying now that my 3 years has passed, but I just have this nagging feeling that there's unknown bad things that I haven't contemplated. The only reason I'm thinking about it now is because we just bought a house and I found out that if we were to ever sell, with me only being a LPR, we'd pay more taxes. Thanks in advance! - Emily
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