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  1. We got our permanent residency card yesterday after one week of our interview. One thing to mention is that neither the app nor the website updated , only when the card came in the mail i got a notification ( so basically it jumped from new card is being produced to card has been delivered by usps ) . I got the approval card after card came 🤣🤣. PD : october 23 Interview notice : February 21 Interview : April 1 Card came April 8th Good luck everybody
  2. In our case we took the marriage certificate and all the I797 ( notices) we ever received from USCIS
  3. So we just had our interview today in Portland OR office. We were approved on the spot. The officer went through questions from the I-485. He was really nice , no complaints there . He asked general questions , how we met , where are we living now , and asked for supporting documents . We only had the health insurence and our rent agreement and we brought couple pictures with family and friends. After that the officer said that he doesn't need anymore proof and everything is in check . He told us about the removed of conditions and to expect our GC in the mail in the next 2-3 weeks. 30 min after we left the building the USCIS app updated to case must be reviewed and 15 min later changed to New Card Is Being Produced. PS : one thing I would definitely recommend giving the fact that the officer complimented us for doing , is to write the dates and the names of the places on the back of the pictures. Again that was something the officer appreciated and I would say made things really smooth. Good luck everyone with your journey.
  4. We had his mom do it later, after he arrived in the US. They ended up approving it the day before our wedding. So she couldn't come out but she now is free to visit for the next 10 years. She had relatively strong ties though: she owns a business, she is married and still has a kid in school, and she owns property that she manages. Khalil's dad applied through seperate channels because he works for the gov't and he needed a more thorough reason to leave and come back.
  5. My guess would lean towards no, Tunisia tends to do "Guilty until proven innocent" in terms of tourist visas. Basically, it's a no unless you can really provide enough ties to the country... At least, that is the experience my husband (form tunisia) and I had.
  6. After reading all the comments I thought I would put my 2 cents in. My husband is from Tunisia and I live on the west coast of the US. We had the extra scrutiny from him being North African, the time difference was hard, and it cost a ton to travel to see each other but in the end, it was totally worth the wait. From what I can see, you are thinking about changing from a more guaranteed path (k-1 visa) to the much harder, more circumstantial/tons of unknowns to just be closer to each other. While that might seem ideal considerating that you miss each other a lot, is it really worth the possibility that the wait time, to get the US could double/triple? Plus if you get married, you cannot get a K-1 visa, you must refile for the CR1. So all the money and time spent on the k-1 will be wasted. In the end, it's ultimately up to you two. If you really can't decide, talk to an immigration lawyer so they can review your specific situation. Good luck! ❤️
  7. well I don't have a problem with my criminal record 😛 , I was just worried that they wouldn't be able to grab my file for any reason . But you gave me some sense of comfort now
  8. So I have a question about a situation that I am facing right now and I would like to know if any visa-journey members have been through it before and what they did. I just got a job offer and I have my EAD in hand and I am supposed to undergo a background check and I don't know if the EAD will be acceptable in the process . ( I know that it allows me to work legally , I just don't know if the background checking agency will be able to find my name ). I would appreciate any insight.
  9. Well thank you so much for the information that's very helpful. We were kind of freaked out about it but we feel much much better now. So thank you
  10. @Jjcouple I just saw your comment. I am having my interview in the Portland soon, cam you share you experience in more details ( what kind of questions , how smooth it was ) If you don't mind of course. 😀😀
  11. So yesterday i got a notification telling me that a my EAD is being mailed to me. Today i got a notice in the mail I 797 telling me my EAD has been approved 😅😅😅
  12. I am an october Filer PD : October 23 I got a notification for My EAD : new card is being produced on March 8th. I got my interview scheduled for AOS on April 1st.
  13. Sounds good to me, I had a lot of those things too. I know it's nerve-racking, my fiance has his interview next week. *fingers crossed* We worried about the smallest things but in the end, we did tons of reading about it and a lot of people get approved with a lot less evidence. My pictures for ongoing relationship were from when we first met, like my fiance visiting the zoo, going to my dad's birthday dinner, going to the beach, ect. Ours might be a little different in terms of evidence because we met while we were both going to school in the US (he was on a student visa). Then I also sent some pictures of our engagement in Tunisia(proof of meeting in past two years). Like I said, we went with the more the better, since we really didn't want to get a request for more evidence.
  14. I personally sent 34 photos (22 in proof of ongoing relationship and 12 for proof of having met in the past two years). Each photo was written on the back with the date, where it was taken, and a description of what we were doing and who we were with. My fiance and I decided to go with "the more the better" mindset since he is from North Africa and they tend to scrutinize that area more. That sounds about what I printed out in terms of conversations and then I also included call logs for a couple months. When I made my packet, I made a cover letter but also made mini table of contents for both the "Proof of Ongoing Relationship" and "Proof of having met for the past two years, it helped organize my photos and many conversations.
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