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  1. that's interesting, I didn't find any I-751 case through MSC19900-19902 maybe I need to go through again thanks for the information
  2. Hi All, finally I update the cases status I followed. here is current status and here is how many card each state issued since I start follow the cases, this just observation, just for reference and if interested to see the data I collect please use the link below: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vxcoGMnQFeB2YgKlxu8ks1ZdxRWSCT4vDKALaF2nm2o/edit?usp=sharing
  3. current version is 12/02/19 edition, you can find it on the USCIS website
  4. Generally, you need to inform USCIS if there is any marriage status change and send the final divorce certificate to USCIS as reference. safe way to do, you can call USCIS to ask It may be a little bit delay, but is better to just showup the interview and say you r divorce. (I don't think they like surprise) I filed I-751 as divorce waive , I prepared documents myself but I did hire a lawyer in case. (and my lawyer went to the interview with me as well)
  5. not sure if that will speed up the process (the process speed depends on your local office), but if you provide the divorce final, it would lower the chance you get REF
  6. it happen sometimes, cos the officer is new and his case need to be reviewed by his/her supervisor just wait for a week to see if you get any feedback when I had my interview, she didn't tell me if approve or not, just tell me to go home and wait for a week something, then my status updated in two days hang in there, good luck!!
  7. I think it still depends on the local office I am at PDX, I filed divorce waiver at the end of March, and I got my green card at October 25. is not as bad as I thought!
  8. my online status timeline: 06/12: Card Was Delivered To Me By The Post Office 09/04: Interview Was Scheduled 10/17: Interview Date 10/18: Case Was Approved 10/22: Care Was Mailed To Me 10/23: Card Was Picked Up By The United States Postal Service 10/25: Card Was Delivered To Me By The Post Office
  9. in my case, she did not say anything about "approve" or not, just want me to wait for few weeks for the mail, then I checked my online status, it updated to approved, then I got my green card today. so maybe just wait, it maybe nothing good luck then
  10. Hi everyone! I just received my 10 year green card!! it was been a exciting journey, got to US, got divorce before filing I-751, passed interview, got the green card it was a long, frustrated process, thank you everyone's support!! I am the lucky one, and I know there are still a lot people waiting in their process, please stay strong, you will be there soon!! I will keep update the cases I followed wish you all good luck!!
  11. what happened? did the officer say anything that you are not approved or?
  12. thank you very much!! my status updates to "Card Was Mailed To Me" yesterday!!!
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