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  1. Do you have any news? Also had biometrics on 9th of December and it still says "Case Was Updated To Show Fingerprints Were Taken"
  2. hi! I filed mine with an expired I-94. I answered NO to that question and my case was received and I had my biometrics recently. But I would recommend filing I-485 ASAP to avoid any problems. I got USCIS visit a week later I sent my case, so I was lucky to have a UPS receipt proving I filed my case
  3. Got all three NOAs in mail today! Now waiting for biometrics appointment
  4. Oh yes, numbers are new! I thought USCIS would process case with previously assigned numbers and I kept checking case status using them😂
  5. State: ARIZONA Clinicas Del Dr. Cazares 6717 N 59th Ave Glendale AZ 85301 Paid only $40 for vaccination transcription Only on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10am to 4pm for this service
  6. I would recommend you to apply only with your maiden name and do not change it until you at least get your EAD. I changed mine without any problems, but I've read a lot of stories here lately that people couldn't change it or get it on your married name, it just gets stuck somewhere. They say that some SS offices need some other document besides marriage certificate to prove name change. I think I even screenshoted one of the comments about it
  7. mmmm I'm not sure on which part of visa they print it out in different consulates but it's usually the one in red color
  8. MMM i guess for question 1 you put - 1, because you are only sponsoring your spouse in this affidavit, right? And then don't put anything in question 3. We left it blank. because you've already showed your spouse in question 1
  9. They just sent the whole package back to us. We fixed everything, triple check this time time and sent it back again. My I-94 was expired even when I filed it first time, so it didn't effect the application But it's still better to apply before it expires)
  10. Update on my case) Got 3 messages with receipt numbers today!! yay! Finally First filed on September 30 Whole package got rejected and was sent back to us on October 25 Filed again on November 2 All 3 NOAs - November 13 Good luck everyone!
  11. Hi! I'm following November filers thread now after getting my package back and filing it again on Nov 2nd! Good luck to everyone! Hope everything goes smoothly with no stress !
  12. yes, I did change my name after getting married! And Didn't have any problems with that..Nobody even told me not to🤨 So I guess marriage certificate was enough for it. Actually this was the easiest and non problematic step in this whole immigration journey so far
  13. Yes got it without any problems in 3 weeks! Had to go back to change it after getting married and this time wait was longer. After not getting anything in 4 weeks I called SS office and found out that card was sent back to SS office because my name wasn't on our mailbox. The lady on the phone said some postmen do that. They sent it back to me and I got it in a week after calling them
  14. Thank you for your response! So just to unstaple it from the other papers it came together?..It's just very confusing. I've found that all papers has some kind of printed numbers and codes at the bottom of pages and so does the envelope. May be if I send it back the way it is, those numbers and codes will be an evidence of that they opened it but not me?
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