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  1. Went to the embassy site for Ukraine and they are still not servicing K-1's or any visa. this perhaps is why i have not received the letter for my finance although on the site our file says ready ready but she also has not received the letter which is needed for the medical. does anyone know how and where to request an extension as my date from USCIS is in July for the interview to have been completed.
  2. @Greenbaum received email from NVC with my case number and stating that it is in transit but no where on the email do i see an invoice number. am i missing something?
  3. question for you, i gave her my work letter and bank statement back when i was with her in January of this year since it had to be live ink, considering it was in January will the embassy require a new one that is closer to the date of the interview? i did not see any where that says how long a letter is good for, employment or bank. thank you in advance
  4. No you or your finance has to do that when the embassy receives the package.
  5. Just received my email that my package is being sent to Kyiv Ukraine for processing. Finally things are moving along.
  6. I also just received the same email like you. My embassy is Kyiv Ukraine. Very excited.
  7. You got lucky. My original estimate was January to February but received an RFE March 6 and sent it in March 7th. They received it on the 9th which was a Monday. Got my approval on the 16th. But that’s for the website not the actual letter. I rather go by my actual approval date to help the stats and not take into account mail delivery time. Think it’s good practice to sure up the stats on here by reporting it that way.
  8. I think you meant to quote me on this so I could answer you not sure if it’s meant for me or not. But here goes if it is. From here on out. I learned the hard way. Press quote then on the bottom right select it so it post to your message or do a @ with my name or whoever your wanting it addressed too. But VJ was off by about 1 month a one week or so. But every situation is different. I was in the Marines and lived in many states so my could have taken longer because of that. Who knows. But now with them being short staff at NVC and USCIS it’s up in the air. Try to stay cool and positive. I for sure wasn’t as I checked case status every few hours as MyUSCIS website was not working. It’s been down for a long time. Go to check your status for USCIS it’s current and gets updated first. MyUSCIS still shows the same message even though my case was approved and sent to NVC. Hope this helps.
  9. I did notice today that NVC website moved there date today. Yesterday was 05 March and today is 11 March. Seems like they are working. Slow but it appears they are moving. Check the NVC website for timeframes. This time frame is for people with K 1 though. The other lengthy ones is not so recent. Hope this helps. I’m waiting for my date of 17 March to tick by. Good luck ya.
  10. @Greenbaum I went onto the NVC site that you have and it is for questions. i entered the reason is to update my email (although they have the correct email) and updating my finance's email but that was on Tuesday. should i have received any correspondence back from them? if so i haven't. thank you
  11. what first page? what PDF? the link you sent me? is there a forum? i have seen you send others to some other forum or something like that, excuse my question or inept with VJ and following the acronym but i'm not experienced here or with the lingo. thank you
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