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  1. I had the same situation. I went to police station and got the arrest record then courthouse for disposition. You will need it Stamped/certified Took about 4- 5 weeks after re- submission
  2. Our timeline is Feb 12th .we have an American son with an American passport and international Birth certificate, we applied for an emergency visa and where turned down, our lawyer said we fit all the parameters, but no explanation . Thankfully we are able to skype and speak everyday, we where together in August
  3. I just had to reply, as I am waiting past 8 months for my beautiful fiance, we also have a 2 year old son with American passport and citizenzhip. The international media has not been forthright and explaining what is going on in the United States currently. There was almost 200,000 "illegal" immigrants allowed into the United States and they being processed since March of 2021, I am all for legal immigration, but I am not for putting people who are in the process (legally), to the back of the line. We Cannot blame the employees @Uscis it is the current political system because there is a deep-rooted fear that's some of the voters, will be voting for the wrong political party.. this is the only way to (hope)new voters, to vote for Administration on party now. Sadly the way its working. I could post statistics but I don't want to get it erased
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