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  1. Hey guys my fiance got NOA1 receipt text message today.
  2. We sent 16th and we haven't heard anything so far. So distressed
  3. Sent February 16th Received March 9th No notification yet
  4. My fiance sent it on February 16th via USPS too. We are waiting for some notification.
  5. I have seen it taking a long time 8-10 months some cases 1 year. 1 year and half
  6. Omg 🤩 did you look through an application? how it works??
  7. Hello😊 Received by immigration. Still waiting for noa1.
  8. I-129F sent > Feb 16, 2021 I-129F received > March 9, 2021
  9. me either. my fiance sent feb 16th and we still haven't received any info 😕
  10. guys I'm almost sending my initial package but I have some doubts can someone help me pls... if we send the initial package i-129f through a binder we can be denied?? another question is at the time of my interview here in my country, what documents do I take to proof the financial support since my fiance is self-employed and I'm a little confused about the documents..
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