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  1. guys a friend of mine said that USCIS ended february filers last week.
  2. thank youuuu 💖 you're the next!!! i only checked the uscis case status website as usual
  3. guyssssssu just got approved!!! no RFE. 💖 337 days, 11 months. noa1 > march 10th, 2021 noa2 > february 10th, 2022
  4. im march 10th still waiting the worst thing is seeing people with a date after yours being approved ☹️
  5. Good morning guys I received an email from USCIS saying that they took action on my case but when I open the website it only shows "case received" Did something similar happened to anyone???? This is wreid
  6. Guys I'm getting so nervous so sad seeing people from April being approved. A girl from my country got approved from April 26
  7. Im from March 10th still waiting... Someone from my country got approved yesterday March 25th I'm getting nervous
  8. Jesus Christ!!! I'm March 10th too I can't wait to receive my approval 😭 Congratsss 🎉🎉
  9. we sent feb 16th but theres a delay because of a snowstorm and they only received march 10th
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