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  1. Marcela, this is absolutely fine: your DS-3025 is complete and is enough for AOS. The envelope you handed over at your port of entry Contained the Medical exam findings.
  2. A’s mean not age appropriate. Can you show me your full DS-3025? I’ll be able to compare to a completed one. The box is checked stating you completed the vaccination requirements.
  3. I believe so, I have the same and I’m not getting a new form done.
  4. Basically, unless your DS-3025 was done within the last year and is marked that you voluntarily received all vaccinations as a K-1 holder, then you need a new medical. For me, it was done in May 2019 and states I received all vaccinations.
  5. Hi, I appreciate this. Most of the users on that post are saying they opted not to have vaccinations. Mine states I complied and have all vaccinations.
  6. Hi all, I got my K-1 medical done in April, moved here in May and filed the I-485 in August. My interview is next month and I have a question about the validity of my medical exam. My understanding is that I just need to take the DS-3025, which I also mailed in with the application. The DS-3025 has the box checked “K1 Vis Applicant voluntarily completed vaccination requirements” - however I didn’t get the flu shot because it was April not available in the UK. I also didn’t get another Td shot because I had just had one prior. Question is, do I need to update this DS-3025 into a I-693 and get a flu shot and another tetanus shot now it’s flu season and have a civil surgeon update this, or not? Thanks!
  7. Hi! I’m hoping someone can clarify what I believe to be true, I did post a while ago with the information directly from the I-485 instructions. K-1 holders who had a medical in their home country are not required to attend the interview with a I-693 right?
  8. I-485 to adjust your status to immigrant I-765 if you wish to work I-131 if you wish to travel
  9. Same for me at 3am this morning. Scheduled since 1st November
  10. You can’t work on a K-1 visa. You’ll need to wait until AOS or EAD is approved.
  11. Leave a gap in address history and explain this to the CO. Take proof of addresses you stayed at
  12. Some offices are faster than others, it’s a real shame for those who are waiting but you’re not far away! Yep! Anyone with an interview notice see it states “initial” interview, or just me?
  13. Where did you have Mail sent to during that time? Such as bank statements, phone bills etc. put that address. I put my family home for my time I was away for study
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