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  1. Hola,me llamo Andrés,estoy haciendo los trámites i130:para mis hijos menores acá en bs as, ( van 8 meses )

    quería preguntarte si no te molesta que razón usaste para pedir prioridad para apurar tu visa? Fue complicado? Con el tema de este virus tengo miedo que se atrase mucho y quiero ver si puedo apura las cosas para que los chicos empiecen el cole en sept o oct.

    los mándaste  a la embajada o al nvc?

    disculpe cualquier molestia y si podes comentarme te lo agradezco 


    1. Talo


      Hola Andres! Ahí te hablo por privado. 

    2. Andresr
  2. Hi all! I received my green card yesterday!!! 😁 12/21 Entered the US 12/24 Showing "Received application" 3/11 Showing "Received application" but date changed from 24/12 to 3/11 3/13 Showing "Green card produced" 3/16 Got Green card in mail
  3. Thanks! I will get my first payment at the end of the month so I'll get one of those as soon as I can!
  4. Awesome! Great advice. Allthough it might take a couple of months it will be good to build credit score, beyond getting the car.
  5. Good to know! I will take a look at credit unions then! Thanks!
  6. That's probably the way to get the better price but the problem with that is financing, I would need the cash and right now I can't get a loan. I will post about the experience after I do it.
  7. Pretty much. My wife is here but she has a loan for her car. Good advice. I think that's what I'm gonna do.
  8. Hi all! So I recently entered the states and I got a job now. Getting there is not super easy by bus though so I am considering getting a used car. Any ideas/experiences on the best way to do this? I have a bank account here and a debit card but no credit card. Of couse I don't have a credit score. I went to the bank and talked to them about a loan but the employee told me that they are probably gonna deny it. He suggested to go to a car dealer and get a loan with them. He said that they are probably going to give me a high interest one but I should take it anyway to build credit score. Any other idea? Thanks!
  9. Indeed is super powerful! I don't think you need anything else. What I did: Create an account. Create a good search query using advance search (with keywords you want, words you don't want, etc). Once you've done that, Indeed will let you do your last search and show new jobs since your last visit. I checked for new jobs every day and applied to a bunch. It took me a while but I just got one! Good luck!
  10. Awesome! I'm glad they are not making us wait for actual green card considering how long its taking.
  11. Hi all! Quick update. I just went to the DMV (even though they informed me by email that I had to wait until getting my green card) and got the written exam and eye exam done. Luckily, I did not have problems! I explained to the lady that the stam on the passport was the I-551 that served as a temporary green card for one year. She did have to check a couple of times with a supervisor about how to do it but they never said anything about it. I got the whole thing done without a problem. I now have the temporary license to practice until I do the driver's exam. Best of lucks to everyone!
  12. Great! Thanks for the info. My appointment is on Thursday. Fingers crossed! 😁
  13. Thanks for the info. Yes, I will print the USCIS info about the stamp and hope I get a good employee. Fingers crossed.
  14. I am in Colorado. Same here! I think im gonna print what it says on their webpage plus this from uscis and give it a try. https://www.uscis.gov/i-9-central/temporary-i-551-stamps-and-mrivs
  15. Good! I asked them again via email and they again said that I need the green card. But when I checked in their website it says: "I-551 (Permanent Resident) verified by SAVE (unexpired)". Does that mean that I can go with the stamp? Maybe they are not aware of it. It would suck to wait since I'm interviewing for jobs that require a driver's license.
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