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  1. I don't understand the medical part coz I did some before the interview in my country do I need another one and how
  2. That is the same thing i was told but today it's 30dayd and nothing
  3. Three weeks now since NOA no biometric. Anyone else going thru the same
  4. Hi do I put all the documents in one envelope just asking coz am submitting tomorrow thx
  5. Hi I want the address where I have to send my package for aos thx
  6. *Part 5 QN 10 Part 1 is it 22a or others Part 8 of organization what do I fill can I feel my recent work place. Thx
  7. Thanks i did not know i had to use adobe and do i have a non immigrant visa number in my passport its qn 19 form i485 Thx
  8. Which part of the affidavit do i have to answer coz some say uscis use only thx And my A number doesnt go on all the pages is that ok And on eligibility there iz that degree space what do i feel thx
  9. Thanks a lot but I have other questions on form 1756 *eligibility category Travel document number
  10. I still need those answers and what's the travel document number thx
  11. Thanks a lot but I need more help on the travel document *which application type should I tick *part 5 should I tick any of the two boxes *Do I answer the advance parole on part 7 Thanks waiting for the feed back
  12. Hi i need to assist me witb some questions like: × A number where do i get it from × current immigration status ×class of admissio ×reciept number of underlying petition and date × current marital status
  13. Please enlighten me please enlighten me on how u did that any document required or money involved am totally lost. Assistance highly appreciated
  14. Happy new year to all march filers had my interview on Monday 7th and I was approved and my status changed to issued on the 9th. I want to thank God for making me go through this insane process Greenbaum, Jason and Lucy and everyone . To all those still waiting your time is coming still in Kenya waiting for my passport. All the best
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