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  1. LIN filer here praying for us all during this waiting game period case sent 06/24/2021 NOA 06/25/2021 biometrics 09/09 2021
  2. We had AOS interview together she just asked if we don’t mind the age difference and we said we don’t right now we applied for the 10 year green card in June this year so we are in the waiting period
  3. Me and my husband have a 30 year age difference but we had no issue been married for almost 3 years and I came with k1 with no issue
  4. I have not heard or see a change in my status it’s still case was received
  5. Anyone got fingerprints waived from the LIN center it’s already past two months nothing yet
  6. Sent package 06/24/21 package received 06/25/21 cheque charged 07/01/21 Text notification07/01/21 Extension letter received 07/06/21 LIN code
  7. Me too I sent mine overnight it was there Friday morning but no Cheque processed or notification 😢
  8. Do I need passport photos for this form or no ???? How many photos did u guys attach. And did u just put a letter at the top explaining all the attached documents???
  9. Do I need form G- 28 if am doing it by my self can some one please give me a list of requirements needed on my petition
  10. Hi group thanks for the help but part 7 where it says acknowledgement of appointment at uscis application support center am I supposed to sign there and how t I get the G 28 form and how much should the check be and can I get the address of the lock box we are supposed to mail the package thx
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