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  1. SRC filer update. My I-751 status changed to "Case Transferred And New Office Has Jurisdiction" as of 7/27. I filed for N-400 the day before so this might be a result of that. Waiting on the notice in the mail now.
  2. Hi all, I applied online last night under the 3-year rule. My I-751 has been processing at SRC for almost a year now. Filed online: 7/26 Receipt notice: 7/26 Biometrics reuse: 7/26 Local field office: Nashville, TN
  3. Got the 24-month extension letter yesterday dated 11/08 from SRC. Case status still says Case Was Received. Glad to see some movement!
  4. Mine did not. I'm wondering if they batch mailed our waivers without updating each case number.
  5. Another SRC here, another biometrics waiver received today dated 8/11. For the fee we gave them you would think they'd do a better job of formatting the letter so half the text isn't visible through the envelope window... that's probably too much to ask. 🤭 7/28 Delivered 7/30 Text received (SRC), NOA date 8/3 NOA received in mail 8/16 Biometrics waiver received
  6. I'm back for ROC too. 7/26 Package sent 7/28 Package delivered 7/30 Text received (SRC) 7/31 CC processed 8/3 NOA received dated 7/30
  7. NOA received today dated 7/30. 7/26 Shipped via Fedex 7/28 Delivered 7/30 Text received (SRC) 7/31 CC processed 8/3 NOA received in mail
  8. Mon 7/26 Shipped via Fedex Wed 7/28 Delivered Fri 7/30 CC charged, text received (SRC) Case status says received 7/28 so I'm guessing that's my NOA date. That was fast! Good luck everyone.
  9. I can answer for Canadian taxes as I was in a similar situation in 2019 -- you can file like normal but make sure your ID is updated on the first page of the tax return for things like your new last name (if applicable), address, marital status, and current residence and date of departure (under Information About Your Residence). If you had any recurring premiums for benefits based on residence, make sure they know you left so they stop charging you and refund any payments made since you left. I'm from BC and paid for MSP the month after I moved and they eventually gave back the amount because I updated my residency late. The CRA also issued me a GST/HSTC (and BC climate tax credit) notice to give back the tax credits I earned since becoming a non-resident of Canada but I had to call them to ask about this. If you file US taxes after Canadian taxes, you can use Form 2555 to exclude your Canadian income. You'll also have to file FBAR if all your Canadian bank accounts add up to over $10k USD.
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