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  1. Oh I meant the H&R Block software. Actually some of their office specialists claim to have experience in foreign income, and I had an appointment booked with one but cancelled it last minute because apparently they charge $60 just to ask questions.
  2. That makes sense. I think we can figure it out the "interview" from the context of the forms. We'll most likely be using H&R Block this year. Thanks. I did not pay tax on the interest because it was from a Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA) exclusive to Canada, so no 1116. This tax free benefit is not recognized by the IRS so any interest earned in a TFSA is treated as taxable in the US. That's why it is advisable for Canadians to liquidate their TFSAs before moving. I learned too late.
  3. Understood. I guess I'll do the physical presence test as that will put me at the longest duration, even though they only want the 12-month period. Agreed. Dual status gets confusing with my dates and amounts, and might not yield the best result. Since we're opting for MFJ, I will elect to be RA all year. We'll run the numbers once we get the tax software. I was mainly looking for guidance on the Canadian wages and interest since that is the new stuff my husband is not familiar with. Our joint return won't be too extensive, aside from the forms for me. After looking at the 2555 again, I see the part I missed about Schedule 1. I'll go through all the instructions more closely to make sure each amount is reported on the appropriate forms. Okay I will file FBAR online. I have less than $100k so FATCA is not applicable. Thanks for explaining everything. I'm not good at interpreting tax information but now I got the gist of it. I'll do some more research, maybe consult with a local tax specialist, and report back if I have any other questions.
  4. Thanks for your responses. I'll try to digest what you wrote but you might have to dumb it down for me if I'm misunderstanding. So meeting the GC test means I can either do a dual status return OR choose to be a RA for the entire year (but I do not have to choose this)? Regarding the 2555, would I be able to do both tests like you did? I am a Canadian citizen, spent majority of my life in Canada but was not born there. So would the bona fide residence / physical presence start from the day I immigrated to Canada, or day I acquired citizenship? FBAR is a must as I have over $10k abroad. I did not know about Schedule 1. After factoring that in, I think the forms listed below are what we need to report my contributions. Wages would be excluded from being taxed. Interest is considered "US income" from being earned after POE and therefore is taxable (i.e. is not reported on the 2555), correct? 1040 - Wages, line 7a (from Schedule 1) + Interest, line 2b (from Schedule B) Schedule 1 - Wages Schedule B - Interest 2555 - Wages FBAR - $10k+ abroad I'd say you're more caught up than most of us lol. Appreciate the help!
  5. I'm having a hard time understanding the tax implications for someone who earned foreign income, moved to the US, and received a GC all in the same year. In March 2019, I moved to the US and got married, then in October I received the GC. During the entire year I did not earn any US income, only my husband. According to the IRS, that makes me a dual status alien from being a RA and NRA in the same tax year. But then I'm also considered a RA from meeting the GC test. So do I still have to submit an election statement to be treated as a RA for 2019 taxes? (According to the stickied topic, yes?) Also in 2019, I made Canadian income in January from work and again in April (after entering US) from TFSA interest. Both were under $1k. FEIE allows exclusion of foreign "earned income" like work wages, so can I use Form 2555 to exclude my few hundred work earnings? If so, which test do I use? Aside from Schedule B, is there anything else I should be aware of regarding foreign interest?
  6. Yikes, well that's good to know. Seems rather pedantic since the results are pulled from the same database no matter the request type. Wish they could officially clarify this part or post a sample of the accepted document. 🙄 Good luck! To OP and anyone else trying to get the correct certificate now, please keep the quoted comments in mind. Also it takes at least a week to arrive so make sure to time it right.
  7. Is there a source? I know people have been issued a 221g for providing the wrong check but I've yet to see a rejection from having a different Privacy Act Request Type. My comment was meant to calm anyone who, perhaps following your recommendation, still ended up with something other than "Other". I didn't know that we could specify the request type when I did mine (Dec 2018), and don't want to give false assurance if Montreal is truly getting strict on this part now. In any case, having "Other" is probably for the best.
  8. Recommended but not necessary. For example, mine said "For Suspended Record" even though I don't have a criminal record and it was accepted (although it may be because my check came back clean).
  9. Good idea. I also attached a screenshot of the Reciprocity Schedule so they can see it with their own eyes. The notarial part confuses me since you already have an original issued by the appropriate civil authority. It sounds like they don't believe it's genuine.
  10. Does your birth certificate follow the Reciprocity Schedule? (under Birth, Death, Burial Certificates): https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/Visa-Reciprocity-and-Civil-Documents-by-Country/HongKong.html Interesting, I was born in HK and did not have any problems with my birth certificate in the K1 process either (although they asked me for proof of Canadian citizenship). During AOS I received a general RFE for birth certificate. Sent them a front-and-back photocopy of my original without translation, because it has English on it already, and they accepted it.
  11. It's a good idea to update it once you have your green card since your immigration status has changed. The number will stay the same but the DHS wording will be removed. Bring your green card, marriage certificate, and passport to the SSA. I updated mine because it previously had my maiden name on it, plus the DHS wording. The new one arrived in a week.
  12. Nashvan

    Empty TFSA account

    Thanks guys. I was afraid there would be extra paperwork from having an empty account exist although it seems rather silly if there's nothing to be gained from it.
  13. For US taxes, are there any issues in keeping an empty TFSA in a Canadian bank account? Not for or against it, just wondering if there would be any US tax implications. I did not close mine before leaving and won't be able to unless I visit a branch in-person.
  14. I'm going through a recruiter too and they never asked me that. They only need to know whether you have work authorization or not. You do not have to answer how you got it.
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