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  1. It's almost a year to the date i got my citizenship and just had to stop by this thread. It's funny how i was always on here hoping, lurking and freaking out with every post lol... now it's just but a memory. Life is funny that way. Glad to see most, if not all have gotten their citizenship. For anyone still in this journey, please know that yours will come and go and all the worrying, what-ifs and random panicking will be long gone. Wishing everyone the best of luck in their respective journeys and thanks to this forum for making my life bearable for that entire process. peace and love
  2. update: my cousin got their interview scheduled via mail (case status did not change) for december 03....june 2018 filer (they live in rockland county).
  3. wow!!! I hope you get yours soon as well....thanks and please keep us updated
  4. Thank you, i wish you get your interview very soon but its comforting to know my cousin's not the only one waiting. It feels like forever waiting on just an interview...when i did mine i only waited 3 months but that was back in 2013... my how times have change.
  5. Anyone from June 2018 still waiting? I think this is getting very ridiculous. There is literally no rhyme or reason with their scheduling process.
  6. Thanks a lot guys...one last question, would it be an issue if the current ead is expired? It expired last week (the i-485 is still pending tho)
  7. Did you file an EAD renewal? If so, did you pay for filing fee? And any idea if its going to be an issue filing a renewal after the current EAD expiration date? thanks
  8. Congrats to everyone that have completed the interview. Any June 2018 still waiting for their interview?
  9. Any updates for NY 2018 filers? My cousin has been waiting for over 400 days and no update on her case since july 17 2018
  10. Pasted from: https://www.klinkeimmigration.com/blog/2019/april/new-naturalization-procedures-in-atlanta/
  11. Do I need to inform my employer of legal status change from permanent resident to us citizen? Did anyone have too?
  12. Congratulations again and thank you...always happy to help whenever I can!! I actually just got my SSN and license updated this last Friday. For the SSN, I didn't need to book an appointment or fill out any form. I just walked in and signed in at the visitors' sign-in kiosk. Once done, it printed a ticket #, thankfully I didn't have to wait too long. Once called in, I told the guy I just wanted to update my SSN because I am now a citizen. I showed him my passport and SSN (He asked for both items), and my license (he also asked for it, cos he needed something with my address in it). He made some updates on the computer, printed out a receipt and told me to confirm the name and address. Then mentioned that I'll be receiving a new SSN card in the mail in about 10 business days (same card number). And that was it. Voter registration is easy, you can do it online or at the DMV. Here's the link to register online https://registertovote.sos.ga.gov/GAOLVR/welcometoga.do#no-back-button Good luck calling and speaking to someone at USPS..they never respond in my experience. You can always book an appointment online if calling fails. Here's the link: https://tools.usps.com/go/pages/schedule-appointment/index.jsp
  13. lol...yup just make time to accommodate the traffic. And don't be like me, take the day off work ...enjoy the entire day. Yes for the USPS appointment, you will have to submit the original certificate so be sure to make copies for your keepsake. Based on my experience and others on here, the passport comes first, then the Nat. Cert. I have yet it see it the other way around. So if you want to update your drivers' license and SSN beforehand you should take advantage of that. Also, I'd advise you to go ahead and book an appointment on USPS now (like today) because they go by so fast (at least in my area, Gwinnett). The earliest appointment I could get was 3 weeks after I got naturalized and that was by luck because it wasn't originally opened (someone must have canceled their appointment). Prior to that, the earliest was over a month out. I tried to go for walk-ins at the local library but it was on a first come first serve basis (it opened by 10 am and people were there by 7 am..they stopped taking walk-ins after a certain amount of people).
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