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  1. Pelmeni

    Moscow appointment

    Oh! I wish I had known there was a men's group. He would not join the ladies! LoL Fortunately, it has worked out so far. We are waiting for the visa to arrive.
  2. Yes, for Jan 24. He had the medical on Jan 17 and is picking it up tomorrow.
  3. Yes, but not on the phone. Online.
  4. For the past 20 years I have worked with immigrants. Many are illegal. I care about these kids and have bought them clothes, etc out of my own salary but I also can't deny what is happening either and kids tell their teachers things. Some of these girls are being trafficked. These are NOT their fathers but even though it's obvious to anyone who cares about children, because of the undocumented status there are no papers. We just have to accept she's who he claims she is. It's sad because I can't help these girls. Whenever any educator gets too close they relocate. We need to know who is coming into our country. I'm also conflicted because I care about these children but I see the drain they are on resources just at the location where I work. Free breakfast, lunch, medical, food stamps, help with housing, even vouchers to do laundry at the laundro-mat and free laundry detergent, shampoo, deodorant, tooth brushes....We actually have over a 100 kids and their families doing this but imagine just 20 kids/families at each school in your city! How much tax payer $ is that? In the meantime my father is 69 years old and still working full time to pay for insulin and other medications my parents need. He's been working and paying taxes for over 50 years. When does he get a break? When does he and others get what they were promised and are entitled to? It's okay to want to help people but not at the expense of those who have worked hard and paid into the system for this long. My heart goes out to illegal people but it's our government's priority to be logical and take care of US citizens first. There is certainly racism in America but it seems to be the default button for this border situation and people constantly look for something to be offended about. Does anyone know many Hatian refugees this country took in after the earthquake? 670,000! We also take in refugees from Sudan and African nations. They were just as brown. Just as poor. They came here legally. In fact many of them resent those who broke the rules to get here. .
  5. Pelmeni

    Moscow appointment

    Yes, it is for January 24! We've been going a little crazy but he made it down there and took the medical exam yesterday. They emailed him the appointment for it. He was in there all day with a lot of waiting but he was happy that the staff were really good, treated him well, and he felt calm. So glad because he was so worried and nervous. He said the head doctor came in and addressed them not to worry. It would take some time but everything was fine. He was exhausted and hungry but happy at the end of the day. Relieved. It looks like even though it's stressful for the consulate workers with the shortage they are doing the best they can.
  6. Pelmeni

    Moscow appointment

    Yes, ours happened very quickly. All at once they had an opening for January. Maybe someone canceled, etc and he grabbed it up. Short notice but he is scheduled for next week.
  7. Pelmeni

    Moscow appointment

    Finally! An appointment but now no one answers at medical appointments. We filled out a form for for an appointment and hoping they get back to us but the interview is on the 24th. Anyone have a list of panel physicians or another I number to call for the medical appointment?
  8. Pelmeni

    Moscow appointment

    I'm sorry. I just got your email. Did you resolve it?
  9. Pelmeni

    Moscow appointment

    Yes, ours expires on February 10. He will probably want to stay with Moscow.
  10. Pelmeni

    Moscow appointment

    Oh my! That may be the reason I got locked out. I thought it was because we were logged on at the same time. I only checked it once but I don't know how many times he did.
  11. Pelmeni

    Moscow appointment

    We are trying to get on as well but no appointments. So, does anyone know how they post them? For example, do they post all available appointments in the morning or just post them whenever? My concern is that he and I both work at jobs where we can't check multiple times a day whereas others who may even have been approved after us may be able to stay on-line and get the appointments when they pop up. I don't know how this process works but it's frustrating.
  12. Pelmeni

    Moscow appointment

    How is it going? It seems that when they send you an email then they send you a link telling you that you may schedule an appointment. You follow the link and log-in and so far all we get is "no appointments available."
  13. How did this all work out for you? We are also waiting for Moscow with no appointments in sight.