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  1. We never received a letter and went to an info pass appointment to directly receive our biometric appointment letter in hand, scheduled for next day. (They tried to schedule same day in a different city, but I told them “hell no”). I noticed our appointment letter had I-765 and I-485 circled, and when we went to the biometric appointment they checked it off. So I’m certain ours covered both. I think yours should cover both as well because it’s AOS filing. You can also verify at your appointment, just ask them.
  2. We had our biometrics appointment yesterday (Tuesday August 27th) only by driving all over the state of Texas and many phone calls demanding answers. We still have our service request pending. We should cancel it but I’d rather not deal with USCIS as they have proven to be pretty terrible.
  3. We had our Info Pass appointment this morning with San Antonio Texas office. We scheduled this appointment when we called USCIS about our missing biometric appointment. We still never got any answers about the appointment, and mentioned how my wife's father is on disability (and so is her mother), and were hoping to get expedited AP. The rep on the phone scheduled this info pass appointment for us, we didn't even ask for it!!! The guy on the phone made it seem like it would be so easy to get expedited AP and we totally qualify. Yeah right! Well first of all, the security guys at the metal detectors are some of the biggest jerks I have ever experienced. Far beyond the jerks in Russia who have badges and guns. They made me leave my wife and leave the building to throw away some food in our bag. The security guard was very rude when I placed my shoes on the belt for X-Ray. They made all the women take their shoes off no matter what, but told me I could keep mine on. I took it off anyways, since I already had them off, and he almost had a stroke. He argued with me that my shoes do not have metal in them. Which is not true, I have Converse Chuck taylors which are loaded with metal for the shoe lace holes. These idiots try to tell me that aluminum is not a metal. I had to disagree. I feel sorry for those idiots, federal security workers, who think aluminum is not a metal. That's a no brainer and they need to change their instructions if they're going to be yelling at everyone. They were the rudest people I have come across in a long time. We got to our appointment pretty quickly after received our number, but we weren't even in there for 20 minutes before they dismissed us. We paid $50 to translate her father's medical letters from a Russian doctor, and they said it wasn't enough to expedite this, even though he has several medical issues (diabetes, heart irregularities, etc). She still feels like a prisoner in the USA, and I dont blame her. We were hoping to have our biometric/fingerprints at that interview, but he just had excuses. I asked "Why is everyone waiting for biometrics, but some people get them with ease? It's been over 90 days and you cashed my check. Where is the services we paid for? Why dont I have any answers?". He suggested we keep calling USCIS 1800 number. I explained to him, that the last time we called, they gave us this appointment to come into the San Antonio office and to speak to YOU. But you want us to just keep calling?? He said biometrics are backed up because USCIS is only doing interviews and has a huge backlog of interviews, so they're NOT making any new interviews. He said to wait patiently and we will get our EAD and AP when its processed. I asked him how long will that take? We need to travel by December. He said it *should* be done by then, but this is the same guy who can't tell me anything about a biometric appointment. He scheduled us to have our biometric appointment in Austin (over 2 hours away). He wanted us to go there immediately but I explained to him how we already woke up at 6 AM to drive an hour through terrible traffic just to get to him. I said we would prefer our interview tomorrow??? He acted like this was such a huge favor to us. He also said that the Info Pass workers went from 8 to 2 employees, and he was one of the two. He said they dont have the staff to even handle this. He seemed to be in a hurry to get us to just leave. We are so disappointed in USCIS and especially the security guards at the San Antonio office. I understand why they are getting their buildings shot up with bullets in San Antonio. It's all over the news here. I get it.
  4. Congratulations, that is excellent news! We contacted USCIS this morning. Spoke to a service rep that was actually very nice and very helpful. We did not even speak to a Tier 2 because he handled everything so well. We mentioned that my wife's father is sick, and we have medical records to prove it. We asked about expedited Advanced Parole (for travel) and he went ahead and put in a request for an INFOPASS appointment. He also put in a request for "non delivery of biometric appointment letter" and said that will take the typical 2-4 weeks. A Tier 2 supervisor contacted us about 5 minutes later, after hanging up with the first representative. They scheduled an INFO PASS appointment for us, to deliver my wife's father's medical records in person, and hopefully get approval for Advanced Parole immediately. Our appointment is Monday and we are pretty excited. I hope that during our appointment we can get our Biometrics completed, and maybe even apply for expedited EAD, with a job offer letter we have. I can only hope and wish. I am just glad that USCIS finally made some decisions and has actually tried to help us. I keep reminding them they cashed our check within 4 days, but haven't done anything since. Hopefully Monday we will get approval to travel, which is most important for us. We dont mind waiting for green card, although it would be nice to get an SSN for my wife, so she can have a bank account and actually learn to drive. She's been here 6 months now, and hasn't been able to do any of that! I know she feels like a prisoner in this new country she is supposed to call home.
  5. Wow Thank you so much! I just did the same, with Senator Ted Cruz. I hope I can get some answers finally.
  6. How did you file a senatorial inquiry? I would like to do the same. Our NOA1 was May 22nd. I cant get any answers on the phone but they cashed our check two months ago. I feel like reporting them for theft.
  7. I called them mid-day about 4 times. 3 times it said it was too busy and to call back later. I finally got in the queue and waited almost an hour to speak to a customer service representative. He took down my information and said he would open a service request, and to wait 30 days. I told him that was unacceptable and that I need to speak to a Tier 2 supervisor. He was reluctant and told me that Tier 2 supervisor has the same access as he has. I asked him why it could take 30 days and he didnt have an answer. I told him I wanted an answer TODAY, why our biometric appointment has not been scheduled. He setup a call with a Tier 2 supervisor, had me record my full name, and the automated system said I would get call within 141 minutes. So about 350 minutes later, they called me, when it was very inconvenient. I finally spoke to the Tier 2 supervisor and asked him why our biometric appointment was so delayed, or if we even missed it? He told me because of the Privacy Act he cannot disclose any information to me, since I am not the applicant. I explained to him that I am the one who did all the paperwork and sent in the check that they cashed so quickly, but are unable to talk to me about. I am so furious, I told him I would be lodging a formal complaint. I told him how I waited all day to speak to him and he couldn't tell me anything. I am kinda furious. Ontop of that, I gave my wife the instructions on how to call them and navigate the automated system. She says its too difficult and I spend too much time here on Visa Journey and she's really ungrateful. Maybe I should cancel this AOS.
  8. While I tend to agree with you, we still have not received our Biometric appointment letter and we are waiting 62 days now, FWIW. I do not know that I can trust my instincts anymore. Im waiting for a USCIS TIer 2 rep to call me back in two hours, hopefully they can clarify. Thank you for your help!
  9. They did the same thing everyone else in this thread was talking about. The USCIS officer wanted to make a service request, which you allow 30 days for a response. I told him its been almost 9 weeks and I cannot wait 30 more days. I told him to let me speak to a Tier 2 supervisor, and he was hesitant but finally agreed. They will call me in two hours to discuss it, but I am not sure what they will decide. I dont care about the letter or if we missed a previous appointment, I just care about getting this appointment over with.
  10. But you have had your biometrics appointment. We have had nothing. We expected biometric appoint over a month ago. Now I get to play phone tag with people I already paid $1200+ to. Fun times.
  11. It just says the fingerprint fee was received. They cashed our checks almost two months ago. Kinda angry about it.
  12. So use the AOS NOA1, not the AP NOA1? Where do I send, Chicago again?
  13. Thank you. This confirms that the edition date is wrong. Our edition date is 'Form I-131 12/23/16 N' but it should be 4/24/2019. Now, how do I fix it? I should send in the correct form with the NOA1 for my AOS or my AP document?? Or both? Where do I send? Back to Chicago?
  14. Correct. K1 visa AOS does not have I-130. Never heard of it either. San Antonio office is what we expect. San Antonio is the closest office when I put my zip code into the USCIS service center locator tool. Thanks for your help. I just called USCIS and it said the wait is too long and call volume too high. To try again later. What a bunch of BS.
  15. How do I know which office I chose for my final appointment? I have a hard time understanding where my case even is (MSC/National Center). That was difficult to figure out, in itself. I do not remember choosing an office for the final appointment? We really dont care where it is, we want to know when!
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