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  1. How can they refuse visa by neighbour statement as i have all legal proof that i divorced my ex wife
  2. I am petitioner of my kids and i am divorced my ex wife i am in us and kids are in pakistan today embassy inquire to neighbour and aske who live in my house they says their mother because no one in neighbour knows that we are divorced and kids are alone with their grand mother so she comes to visit them
  3. No the divorce have been cleared and case was reaffirmed have been cleared Ir2 category
  4. Yeah hope so i am very worried first it was refused then came back to usics then it reaffirm at its interview documents were requested after submiting it they come for inqury
  5. Today embassy come to my neighbour and asked information about us and note it i am their petitioner i am divorced they asked about my ex wife to them but they dont no anything and they says she still live in his house now will my kids visa will refused
  6. It had been 3 months acc to lab when they send dna results to embassy but still embassy says the results are awaited is it nesscary to send results through corrier
  7. It had been 2 months after sending dna results to embasy but still no update anyone on same situation
  8. Its been about 7 months in admin processing emabssy recomend dna acc to lab results were emailed but embassy saying that they are still awaited anyone with same experience
  9. A-b-c-d

    Visa ban

    The news is rising to imposed new restrictions
  10. A-b-c-d

    Visa ban

    Is us embassy islamabad giving us visa according to routine as news is saying pakistan is on ban
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