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  1. Embassy request for dna the results have been arrived in embassy how long will they take for decison will another interview needed .?
  2. Today i call nvc they say isl embassy suggested dna after admin procsseing and the results have been recieved when ur case become ready u will be give instructions what this means.
  3. Dna results have been recieved by embassy and it is positive as they taken 2 months of admin processing before and after it they recommend dna will it again take 2 months or anything more will be needed as i have hear that if they are not sure of approval they never take dna
  4. A-b-c-d

    Dna sample

    Yes they ask with parents
  5. A-b-c-d

    Dna sample

    Kids birth certificate was late register
  6. Embassy asked dna after admin processing is this will be last thing and they will again take 2 months as they already taken 2 months for admin processing
  7. Is the dna took place of principal applicant where they were interview or embassy have seperate place for it
  8. No i have submitted them about2 months and after it they request for dna is these documents still pending for review
  9. Do u think they have review the documents which i submitted them before
  10. My interview was on 11 dec pasport was kept embassy requested doc which was submited and after 2 months and update took place but ceac show admin processing i called nvc they told me that week before embassy emailed u for dana but i dont recieve any email what i should do now and pasport is nessscary for dna and is this mean they only need dna to issue visa
  11. Can after reaffirmation of case nvc can reject visa without any interview?
  12. It was a divorce Deed in which date of free of marry was miswrite 1 visa was rejected because of this after this we gave them evidence and case reaffirmed
  13. My visa is in Ir2 category and in first interview my visa was rejected and went back t Uscis after 1 year they have reaffirmed my case aprroval and mailed back to department of state for visa processing