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  1. I forgot to update this group! I filed on Feb 25, NOA1 was March 15, Biometrics Apr 11. I still have not received my EAD/AP, but at the beginning of July I got my AOS interview scheduled. It was on August 9th, we passed with flying colors (:P) and it's on it's way to me now. Good luck everyone!
  2. Just wanted to give an update: we had the best experience possible, our officer was one of the nicest people I've ever met! She didn't look at ANYTHING we brought.
  3. Oh wow, good luck! Can't wait to hear how it's gone! We have some receipts but they don't have my name, just the number of people staying over (2). We have pictures to go with those receipts tho. We have some mailing address proof too, I forgot to add it! So that should be good! When I went to the RMV they said to wait until I have my green card! Ugh. Thanks for your help!
  4. Thanks. I don't have a state ID as I have nothing to prove I'm a permanent resident yet! Our phone plan is under my MIL's name, but I'll try to see if our names come up! If so, I'll add it to our file tonight! Woo! We don't have the rest of that list!
  5. We have debit cards but not credit cards. And no drivers licence or car insurance as I don't have my permit. MA only allows you to get your permit once you have a permanent resident status. Thank! I hope you are right!
  6. We don't have any of that. We decided to have separate credit cards and I have only been here 7 months or so, so no joint tax return. I don't have my EAD yet.
  7. Hello everyone, Our interview is coming up and yesterday I finally completed our binder to bring the day of. I know it's too late at this point, and I know there's really anything to be done regardless because this is all we have, but do you think our evidence will be enough? We have: - Marriage certificate - Affidavit of Bona Fide Marriage that my MIL filled out - Bank statement of shared account - Health Insurance and Life insurance statements that state me as a beneficiary - Pictures of our wedding - Pictures of everyday life with friends and family - Texts - Facebook pages where it says we're married and every post that included us both, or that his family tagged me in/my family tagged him in - Instagram pages - Congrats cards from our wedding My husband and I live with my in-laws so we don't have bills or rent together, so this is all we could gather. Will it be a problem? Anxiety is starting to creep in!
  8. you're so sweet! Thank you! That is indeed a big relief. I am going to call Uscis tomorrow and mention that, I'm also going to call the place where I got my medical done.
  9. So now I have to pay SO MUCH MONEY for a mistake? Jesus christ ugh. I'm gonna call the place where I got this done on Monday and give them an earful. Thanks for sharing yours! I'm so fuming. I hope I wont have to redo it cause they filed it improperly!
  10. Thanks for the clarification around DT. Not sure why everyone's so confused when I call them to book an appointment, then! haha. I did get my flu shot in October last year, so I'm all set until fall! Thank you so much! I got the flu shot before moving/before my medical. Although my country of origin is Italy, I did medical + interview in London as I resided there.
  11. Hi everyone. I recently remembered that at the time of my medical I had one shot to get and the doctor suggested I do it in the states. My GC interview has been scheduled so this is the time to get it done! The vaccination is DT, but it seems like most people either dont know what I'm talking about or dont have it in stock. It's weird! I included my vaccination worksheet below. I was wondering if B meant I need to get a booster shot. And if it is indeed DT or if maybe it's called differently here. I was also wondering if someone has experience with an incomplete worksheet that says "K1 applicant electing not to be vaccinated at this examination." Thanks! The only remotely similar post I found was from 2018 and it was about sweden, so I wasn't sure it was correct/still relevant info.
  12. That's good to know, thank you for sharing your experience. I was confused too by her statement, and I keep hearing of people who didn't get denied because of the "expired" medical. I don't really know what to do haha. How long did it take between the Interview Was Scheduled notice and the actual interview?
  13. I just spoke to a uscis representative about my case. I asked if my medical exam done prior my K1 would still be valid to be approved for a GC. She said it had to be sent within my AOS packet max 60 days after my doctor had signed it, which I didn’t. I sent it after 3 months of taking that exam. she said I need to get a new medical exam done and I was wondering if any of you people have had experiences with that?
  14. MY INTERVIEW WAS SCHEDULED TODAY! I’m so excited, happy and nervous! I can’t wait work, travel and get a permit! There’s hope folks! I was hoping for my EAD, I didn’t even think it’d be possible to be scheduled so “early”! Yay!
  15. Oh wow! Good luck! We filed around the same date you did, but my BIO were a few weeks after yours. I hope it goes well for you, FX we get our EAD or interview soon too!
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