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  1. Sorry for the late reply. When I booked (Nov 14th) the first available date was Dec 11. I booked for Dec 14 So I think the waiting time is roughly 3-4 weeks
  2. Embassy received my case yesterday! NOA2: October 10 NVC: October 29 Case #: November 2 Left NVC: November 13 Case ready: November 19 Keep in mind that my interview is in the UK, not sure why my icon won't update!
  3. Mike&Anna

    K1 London Embassy Appointment Letter

    Just wanted to say thank you for this post as it just helped me out a lot! I hope your interview went well! Mine's booked for Dec 14th!
  4. Just an update: Our case left NVC on Tuesday and, going by the DHL trick I found on here it was received 10 minutes ago! Yay! CEAC is still (obviously) saying "In Transit".
  5. Hi all, I was just looking through the interview requirements and it confirmed that I need translation for foreign documents. I live and will have my interview in London but I'm Italian. The embassy website says "All documents not in English must be accompanied by certified English translations. The translation must include a statement signed by the translator that states that the translation is accurate. Only one copy is needed." Do I need to use a website like Rev.com to get my translations done or does it mean that I can simply ask a friend to correctly and accurately translate everything with a statement?
  6. I managed to get an appt this morning for my medical - yay! So that's all done. I booked my interview for the 14th of december but if I get all I need before then, I'll see if I can have an earlier date! Exciting and scary!
  7. No it's right. Again, everything is exactly as it should be, but for some reason it's not working. I even asked my Fiance' to try but he got the same result. We only saw "At NVC" once. I check every single day and it always gives me "no data".
  8. Thank you so much, you're a gem! do you know why the ceac website always says "no data found" when I put my info in? I do everything correctly but only once I actually read "at NVC". It usually gives me 0 info. Do they hate my case number specifically? haha
  9. I just checked the London Embassy guide on this forum but it's extremely outdated! @Greenbaum do you know if there's a more recent version? x
  10. Grazie ❤️ E' un po' un emotional rollercoaster al momento haha
  11. My case has officially been sent to London, England and not to Italy. Could someone direct me to a link/page/discussion to get an idea on what the required info/documents are in London? I have been preparing for the italian interview so I'm a bit overwhelmed and lost.
  12. Thank you. I also emailed NVC on Friday to ask them if they can send my case to Italy instead of London (I also send them my passport info to speed it up) thus changing my case number. I'm trying to determine if my case has left NVC yet. I know you've said the next batch is leaving mid November, but the guy on the phone told me for some reason that my case could leave as soon as saturday morning (so yesterday morning). I need to know whether or not my petition has already been sent to determine whether NVC has taken my request in and changed my case number. If it's already been sent it means it's going to London.
  13. Hi! Quick question. Why is it that when I write my case number on the CEAC tracker, "Your search did not return any data." comes out? I put Immigrant Visa, the right captcha and the right case number. So odd.