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  1. I'm from NY too, NYC. they just received my C09 - 05/14; and never told me if they'll use my old biometrics, or they need new. That's why I wanted to know when exactly did you get appointment notice. thank you.
  2. hi @Optimistic1986. I see you filed your 360 on 09/18. Can you recall after how many weeks did they send you biometrics appointment request ? thanks
  3. I'm sorry, I don't have any idea, but I'm almost in the same boat, Jan 2017 filer, stuck on background check, no RFE. I tried everything to understand the process. In your case you got the RFE and after submitting, got stuck on background check. My question is: is there any chance that we get another RFE after background clears? Point is, is the background check the last stage of the Vawa adjusting process? or is it possible get another RFE about application? @sandranj please can you answer my question too? or anyone who knows please respond. Thanks
  4. Is the background check final stage of the adjusting an application? thank you!
  5. hi, this post is from 2017, but answer please if you know. "Once the security check is complete and the petition is approved" - is the security check last stage , of the adjusting process? thank you!
  6. Hey, I think they got your security check and added to your online file. So, soon you'll get approval.
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