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  1. Thank you so much guys!!! I appreciate it. I feel more relaxed now! My passport and my green card are both in my maiden name so I should be fine but I'll will have a copy of my marriage certificate with me just in case. Thank you!
  2. Hello everyone and Happy New Year, I got my Conditional Green Card In September 2018 and in less than a month I'm going back to Italy to visit my family. I know I can travel outside the US with the Green Card for a period of time, but I 'm a little bit nervous about it... I guess because this is the first time for me. Has anyone ever had a bad experience at the POE? and also I wanted to know If I need to bring other documents with my Passport and my Green Card. Thank you so much!
  3. I did twice while I was waiting for the application to be approved and I had no problem. Of course its always depends on the POE Officer, some of them are very picky. Once you get approved, you want to schedule the interview ASAP so you can enter the US with the k1 visa once for all. Good luck!
  4. Correct. I used the I-864A form for my joint sponsor (my father-in-law) because my husband's income wasn't enough and when I went to the interview in Naples I had no problem with it. Good luck!
  5. Paola Phillips

    K1 interview

    It's the confirmation letter for your interview. They'll ask you for that. I think I printed mine from my e-mail, but you can do it from the website too.
  6. Paola Phillips

    I-693 - AOS Interview

  7. Hello everyone, I have a question. My interview will be in a month. On the interview letter they ask me to submit the form I-693 (medical examination). I had my medical examination in January 2018 in Italy when I had the interview for my k1 visa and it didn't expired yet. Do I have to bring the form I-693 anyway or the one that I have already (DS 3025) is enough? Thank you!
  8. I am from Clearwater! I sent my package on April 2! Some cases are longer than others. I don't know why mine went so fast... the update for the interview changed August 14 and yesterday I received the interview letter!
  9. Perfect! We'll do it then! Let's hope it works! Thank you for your help!
  10. Wow, that's a good news. Did you went to a Notary? Or sign it is enough?
  11. We pay them every month since we live there, but the names on the bills are my in-laws. I'll try to get a State ID. Thank you very much!
  12. Unfortunately I don't have the driver license... When I used to live in Italy I never had the necessity to drive and now I'm learning so it will take a while. Can I ask for a State ID?
  13. Hello, My husband and I have a green card interview soon. We started to collect evidence of our relationship, the problem is that we still live with my in laws, so I don't know how to show proof of residency. It could help if my father in law write a letter, and get it notorized? Somebody had the same problem for the interview?
  14. Paola Phillips

    Visa Appointment in Naples

    Hey, I was wondering how it went the interview??
  15. Paola Phillips

    Visa Appointment in Naples

    Hey good luck!!! Let us know!!!