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  1. It's been explained elsewhere in this thread. Just go back a few pages.
  2. If there's not a Feb. thread, I'd encourage you to make one or post in the existing one so that you may garner information from your fellow Feb. filers, it also helps keep threads clean. Your local FO is going to have a big impact on your timeline for AOS. You can look up the location on https://www.uscis.gov/about-us/find-a-uscis-office/field-offices if you don't know where your case will be processed. It seems to be the norm (at least from what I've seen) is that folks are going straight to greencard approval, so the EAD/AP become void after that. Take the timelines with a grain of salt, however. If you did not check the box on the I485 or EAD apps for getting a SSN with your application, you will have to wait until your Greencard issuance (or EAD, I think will work?) to go to your local SSA office and get a number/new SSN card. I am under the impression the SSA is open to appointment only, so no walk-ins. There was a thread regarding taxes recently: If you are anticipating paying taxes (no refund), an extension will need to be filed with the IRS. There were a few other nuances with ITIN and other things that you can read.
  3. We were in/are in a similar situation. As Steve said above, our I94 expired due to a clerical error at the SSA and DHS couldn't verify in time. We had already sent all our AOS paperwork before we knew the I94 was going to expire, so getting a SSN concurrent with greencard approval/EAD approval was out. That being said, my husband now has his greencard, we called our local office to get an appointment (Feb 14), and somehow they had an appointment available on Feb. 22, yesterday. We applied again and the clerk said it should be 5-7 days to get the SSN in the mail, and said that they've been actually sending them faster than that. Hopefully your local SSA office is on a similar path. I will note that the office is still closed to the public, so you have to call beforehand and make an appointment. The security guard turned away several people in the span of us waiting because they didn't have appointments.
  4. Are you talking about the stimulus payments? I know I got those, would my husband (the immigrant/LPR) be eligible for those even though he wasn't in the US until June 2021?
  5. That makes a lot of sense the way you framed it. When we did our appt. back in June, we were able to schedule, so our office was good on that part, but just messed the form.
  6. Married July 7. 2021. Once you're married, you can't file as a single person. We're opting for MFJ for the tax benefits folks outlined in this thread. It's a massive difference. Almost makes up for one spouse not working, almost.
  7. This is exactly what I wanted to hear. Thank you.
  8. He arrived on a K1 in June of last year, didn't have enough time to get the SSN because of expired I94. We are anticipating his greencard arriving today via USPS, and will be calling the SSA to get an appointment so they can issue him a new SSN. On their website they say up to 2 weeks, I'm thinking a month and a half would be lucky, extra lucky if before tax day. I think the SSA is still closed to everyone expect emergency appts. As far as the extension goes, I'm not a tax expert or anything, but skimmed through some things put out by H and R Block (who I'll be filing with) https://www.hrblock.com/tax-center/irs/audits-and-tax-notices/missed-the-tax-deadline/ . I've seen some similar things on reddit as well, but I've been trying to do more thorough research because it seems pretty serious to not file taxes, and you know, strangers on the internet giving advice.
  9. I understand that an extension is only applicable if you owe taxes, and when filing that extension, you have to pay 10%(?) of what is owed at the time of extension filing. If you expect a refund, I understand that no penalty exists for filing late, but it's obviously in your best interest to file and get the monies due to you. I *think* I saw something saying that the IRS will honor refunds for up to 3 years. This might be our scenario since, as you already said, the ITIN is a complicated mess, but I'm hoping we can get my spouse a SSN before April (lol).
  10. Congrats! We were in Philly last week and had a similar experiance, and our Greencard is supposed to arrive today. So hopefully your process is similar.
  11. We never received a SSN either. We took what we could: 1 credit card statement with both names on account, our Xfinity bill with both names, health insurance info with both names, photos, and that's it. Our IO never even looked at any evidence though he did stress that having everything for removal of conditions is much more important. Good luck and congrats on the interview!
  12. It took us about 10 days to get the letter. You can ask via emma for the date, nothing else. Just ask for live agent and then green card when prompted.
  13. Same thing happened to us, they gave us a run around by saying his name was incorrectly put on the application, it expired, so now we're getting the SSN with the greencard.
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