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  1. Yes haha I remember you replying to that post. I think one other person also had theirs returned to them because they provided more than one payment option. 😓However, in our case we basically just had to send everything back to them again (making sure that pesky cheque was very obvious and secure) and it worked that time.
  2. Well, we didn't 100% get affirmative proof that that is what happened, but based on the circumstantial evidence, it seems highly likely. They returned our petition with a notice that stated we had either not provided payment or it was of an incorrect amount, with all our original documents rearranged as they wanted them, with our original envelope folded and tucked in behind the documents. The cheque was still inside this original envelope, and was to the correct amount, but it looked like someone had just folded the envelope without knowing anything was inside it (the cheque ended up folded at a random spot where the envelope had been folded) We sent the entire packet back to them exactly as they had sent it to us, but secured the exact same cheque back to the front of the packet with two paperclips and they accepted it without further issue.
  3. I know it's hard but you really gotta find out what the RFE is for before you bring out the laundry list of possibilites—might turn out to be something completely unrelated to your worries and easy to correct. Whoever processed our case before we got our NOA1 completely missed our cheque and that was the only reason they sent it back, but I was stuck worrying the whole time that it had gotten lost in the mail again 😓
  4. Haha my guess is we're in the middle or end of one of the piles (I have Aug 22 on the old site, which seems to be where most people are getting updated, if at all). It's a lot harder to wait while knowing that people near your timeline are being accepted, than it is when everyone is equally uncertain about time frame. Now we have a close benchmark, so it feels like we SHOULD have it even if it's not quite time yet. 😰For all I know they could be going by my new site date (Aug 27) and haven't even added mine to the pile yet..
  5. Same here, it's like, you COULD find out you've been approved today, but there's also a chance you won't for another couple months 😰
  6. Haha here's hoping! Maybe they're about to get to ours after a lunch break
  7. AHH congrats!! We have the exact same dates! I hope we're in your pile! 🤣
  8. Congrats!! Our timeline is very similar to yours so I'll keep my fingers crossed!
  9. Oooo congrats! Looks like they're slowly moving down the line
  10. Oh nice! We have the same dates, so I hope we'll hear something around the same time then! Best of luck!
  11. Yeah at this point 5 days really is nothing, I can't really feel excited about maybe getting my NOA2 a few days early—gotta see that thing to believe it 😂I mostly just want to make sure my info is as accurate as possible for everyone else looking to see when there's might get there 😊
  12. So then if the paper copy of my NOA1 says "Received Date: August 22, 2018" and "Notice Date: August 27, 2018", the old website says "On August 22, 2018, we received your Form I-129F", and the new website says August 27, 2018 for both the submitted date and received date, which date should I be using for the NOA1 in my timeline? 😵
  13. Ah yeah, mine says "received August 27, 2018", but that is the "Notice Date" on my physical copy. The received date on my physical copy is August 22, 2018, so I just figured that August 27 is the date I should probably stick to
  14. If that's the most recent info then that's probably what it is then. The new website lists the same date as my Notice Date.
  15. Haha no worries, I know it'll work itself out eventually, but I've already had a petition lost in the mail and had my current one delayed by a month because they didn't see the cheque so I'm trying to avoid the "what's next" train of thought 😅Just gotta hurry up and wait a little longer!