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  1. Our case is also ready to schedule as of November 7! Do they send the interview time in the mail like they did with biometrics?
  2. Completed my biometrics appointment today, and it was pretty straightforward and easy. Make sure to bring a copy of your marriage license/certificate if you changed your name after marriage (I brought a certified copy to be safe). I brought my passport as ID (in old name since I would have to mail it back to Canada in order to have the name changed). The only photo ID I had in the new name was my military dependant ID, so I brought the marriage license in case it wouldn't count (I believe it wasn't sufficient as they still asked to see my marriage license/certificate). It took them a few extra minutes to look me up in the system to make sure the names all matched up, but we weren't there very long at all. The process will probably be easier if you have a driver's license in the new name, but I would bring the marriage license/certificate still just to be safe.
  3. Hello! I submitted my I-485 and I-765 together and it was marked as delivered on Sept 12. I received text message notifications for each form (no email notification as far as I can see, but I don't really need one at this point) on Sept 18, and received an I-797C Notice of Action for each form in the mail today (Sept 23). My received date is Sept 12, and my notice date is Sept 17 on both! I do have one concern though—I decided to hyphenate my last name with my husband's and there's a lack of hyphen in my last name for the form. Should I contact them to have this amended or is this just how they format names for the purpose of mailing things out (my middle name is just an initial for example)?
  4. It should get delivered to your home. They will send you a shipment notice and then Canada Post will also send you an email with tracking. However, you will need to sign for it. Unfortunately for me, they never came to my door and left a notice in the mailbox down the street telling me to come to the post office after 6pm...unfortunately it wasn't there and the post office just told me to come back tomorrow after 1pm so I didn't really save myself any effort by paying extra 😅I think this is a case of the lazy postman rather than anything else but that's Canada Post for ya
  5. Update: My visa was issued yesterday, estimated delivery for Tuesday (in BC). I'm so excited!!
  6. Finally approved at the interview after almost a full year (sent in our I-129F on July 16, 2018 but it got pushed to August after they missed our cheque)!! Thank you to everyone here for the guidance and reassurance!
  7. Had my interview today and got approved!!! Thank you to everyone here for the guidance and reassurance, I will be leaving a review as soon as I can!
  8. Haha yeah I remember people being surprised about that, so I was checking every day for all of April and then I don't think they released June until the very last Friday of April
  9. Huh, interesting.. looks like they released July early then? I guess it's probably based on how fast they book up the previous month or something
  10. I'm not sure if I've understood your question correctly but they released June interview dates in the last week of April, so they will likely be releasing July dates soon
  11. Thank you so much for your review, it definitely gave me peace of mind and the details are really helpful
  12. I second purem4g1c's reply to this but just wanted to add on: My packet 4 stated "If you have previously paid all fees due to the National Visa Center, there will be no additional fees to pay on the day of the interview. If you have not paid fees at the National Visa Center, please be prepared to pay the following fees on the day of your interview." , and only then listed the K1 as "paid in cash only" So basically, if you didn't pay for it already you have to pay cash at the interview. However, I have read some reviews for the Montreal consulate advising against paying cash as it seems it complicates the process and the officers seem to expect that you've paid online already. Be aware that the DOS website usually won't let you pay if there are no available appointments. You will have to wait until interview dates open up and then it'll let you pay.
  13. Hey guys, so we're in the final stretch of the K1 visa process, just waiting for June interview slots to open up. When I was going over my Packet 3, I noticed that the I-134 evidence requirements had been updated, and I recall reading somewhere that the new form is required for a date sometime mid-May 2019 onwards, which would definitely apply to us. My fiance (the petitioner) is in the military and his pay grade meets the requirements, however the new evidence requires information about his bank accounts in addition to the statement from his employer on business letterhead about his salary, date, and nature of his employment. To be frank, my fiance does not really have much in the way of savings to show, so we would mainly have to rely on them being ok with the letterhead. We should theoretically be fine because his income is high enough and the military provides the Basic Housing Allowance and Basic Allowance for Subsistence which would cover our food and housing, but I don't know if the consulate necessarily takes those into account, and if they do, how exactly we would be able to provide evidence of those services? I remember from all my research back at the start of this process that a cosponsor could fill out an I-864 for me to bring to the interview, and that I could potentially use this if the consulate decides that the I-134 evidence is insufficient. I'd like to have this ready just in case. However, I'm not sure if this is actually still possible or even accurate. Would anyone be able to provide any information, especially first-hand experience with the Montreal consulate?
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