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  1. As at today, March 30, 2022, the JM US embassy is reviewing DQ cases from the NVC and as far as I saw, from June and July 2020 for F Categories. Have you received your interview letter? Interview time frame from IL receipt is 2-6 weeks. Don’t forget to check your spam or junk. Seeing too many instances of people missing interview letters because the email went elsewhere. Lol check under mattress if you must but please check! 😅😂
  2. Hi, I'm looking for someone with same experience on having this visa status. As soon as I opened and checked the ceac site I saw this and it took me a minute to finally compose myself. Our supposed interview appointment was last March 23, 2020 (Manila Embassy) but due to the corona and lockdown we never had the interview and so we wait until the embassy is open for the f4 visa. Last month when I checked the status it is still "Refused" due to the administrative processing which I believe because of the pandemic. But today, it changed to "Expiring soon" the message says that our petition is cancelled and we cannot do anything about it unless we prove that we still want to pursue the application by providing a written statement that the circumstances were beyond our control. So please, can someone help us. Or should we call a lawyer?
  3. Has anyone been able to expedite a F4 category with the NVC?
  4. Is it possible to expedite the petition for my sister (F4) due to situation in Ukraine (impending war)? She's still at the USCIS stage, I applied in 2020. My father will be able to come into the country and apply for her soon, would that be an option? What about for my parent (IR-5), who's at the NVC currently? Also, is it possible to switch the interview to another country when we were auto-assigned to Kyiv for IR-5? What is the best way to go about it to get them out of the country and safe? Really appreciate your advice!!
  5. Hi, On 25th May I received a Notice of immigrant Visa Case Creation. When I login to CEAC link provided in the email using my NVC case number and invoice id number I see my application in the list and next to that Pay Fee and Start Application buttons. Pay Fee and Start Application options both are grayed out for me. When it will be available for to start my 12 steps process?
  6. F4 derrivative. Am I still eligible? When my priority date got current my age was 20 a week after its my 21st birthday. Am i still eligible for cspa? Birthday 07 13 1999 Priority date 03 26 2001 Approval date 06 12 2009 Priority date got current 07 01 2020 DQ date: April 2021 Some people say that your real age should be 21 and above when you're PD becomes current on chart A to qualify to CSPA. Is that true? Because my age when my PD became current on chart A visa bulletin is 20. Can I still be given a visa?
  7. Hi everyone! I want to ask a question. My daughter is aging out in January. We had asked for expedite in October. Waiting for reply. Our PD is 2007 July. DQ in August 2020. My question is can we able to get expedite? Second how much time it require to reply them. Kindly share your views.
  8. Hi I have a question about paying USCIS Immigrant Visa fee please. The category is F4 and there are three accompanying applicants within one application plus the principal applicant. Total 4 applicants. I'd like to know if there will be one USCIS immigrant fee payable ($220) or each applicant will need to pay individually. i.e. 4x$220? Unfortunately the applicants did't receive the fee handout and there is one envelope for all - That say 'DONT OPEN IT....' - Is that usual please?
  9. Hello and thank you for your help. My sister is having her F4 IV interview in a few days and today, the embassy sent us a list of documents to be either submitted to the CEAC or brought to the interview. I have pasted the part where I have some doubts and to give you some background, all the required documents were uploaded and approved by NVC in November 2019, then everything came to a halt. Based on the embassy's email below, here are my questions and concerns: 1. Do I keep the forms I-864 & I-864A as is, do I start from scratch? or do I add new ones? (it says: "most recent federal IRS tax Transcript). The forms uploaded have our 2018 tax information and the 2 years prior to that. 2. Do I upload new IRS transcripts in addition to the ones uploaded? (similar question) 3. We made about 75K because I was unemployed most of 2021, 30% less than the previous year. 4. Do I need to get health insurance for my sister? (unrelated question) Below is a portion of the email. Thank you so much for the help. "The following documents must be uploaded to the CEAC at https://nvc.state.gov/ceac: o Financial documents from the Petitioner, including: Form I-864 – Affidavit of Support, most recent federal IRS Tax Transcript, W-2s, and if applicable, Form I-864A – Contract between Sponsor and Household Member. o If the Petitioner does not meet the financial guidelines, the Petitioner must find a Joint Sponsor, and upload the financial documents including: Form I-864 – Affidavit of Support, most recent federal IRS Tax Transcript, W-2s, and if applicable, Form I-864A – Contract between Sponsor and Household Member. The Joint Sponsor must also provide proof of legal status as a U.S. citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident.
  10. what are the vaccination requirements for immigration? Pakistan to USA (California) do the immigrants need to be vaccinated with a specific vaccine and what are the age requirements and everything?
  11. Date of Birth: 02/28/1998 Priority Date: March, 2007 Approved Date: February, 2010 Notice Date: April, 2010 Notice of Immigration Case Creation Letter: October, 2019 Form DS-230 Completed: October, 2020 All required documents have been received and approved: January, 2021 My uncle covered my father's and mother's IV fees. He simply refuses to cover my IV fee. Why? I'm not sure. He advised my parents that once they have their green card, they should apply for me [F2B visa]. It's pointless to argue with him since he refuses to listen. My parents are completely unaware of the immigration procedure. They told my uncle to take care of everything. Documents qualified in January 2021, as you can see. Is there any hope for me? How am I going to get out of this situation now? I don't want to wait for an F2B visa for 6-7 years.
  12. we redid our medical like the embassy asked us to and also submitted required documents as requested now how long will the embassy take to review the documents? the medical has already reached them
  13. I am in AP since 21 feb 2020. The message below the refuse status has changed on 1st june. Whats the difference. Am i refused now????
  14. there are four applicants in our f4 visa category and two of us along with the principal applicant gave our interview and one applicant was left due to medical reasons then due to administrative processing all of our medicals expired again and now our administrative processing is complete and they're ready to issue the visa but we've to do medical and the principal applicant along with two applicants will submit there medical before the one remaining applicant because she will be in tb culture test processing for two months and my question is that will three of us be issued our visa before her since she's not the principal applicant? or will be have to wait with her for two months even though administrative processing is complete?
  15. Anyone here got remedical email F4 category in islamabad. After how long u received visa after submission of medical?
  16. hello , we have f4 case application and scheduled Interview at 22june , but consulate asked from us again to upload new Police certificate , our lawyer tolding me its to early to upload new additional Documents "NVC will fast trasnfer Doc to our embassy , but im little scared NVC sometims Delays to review Reuploaded Doc , it will be to late then , bcs 22 june is for 11 days and i dont think NVC have time to Tranfer moddified Documents To our local embassy , what should i do?
  17. How long does petitions under f4 visa(brothers and sisters of us citizens) get approved for applicants in the philippines? Not how long case was pending(waiting time of priority date to become current) but time between petition applied and approved. I am curious to know if there are cases that got approved after 20plus years. Thank you.
  18. Dear All, Our F4 case is DQ 30-Nov-2019 and interview ready with priority date of 11-Sep-2006. Do anyone has any idea about how long it may take to get an interview call. Thanks
  19. Hi, I wanted to know if there's anyone in Jamaica in the F4 category who has received an interview since covid started(2020). If so, how long did it take between u getting DQ to you getting the interview email/letter?
  20. Hi there, I and my family is applicants of F4 family visa category. We received DQ email in October 2020. Recently I've logged in CEAC and noticed that my name has been removed from the applicants list while the other three family member including principal applicant remained unchanged. I thought this might be because my age is no eligible to move to USA in a F4 visa category. Therefore my question is DOES NVC REMOVE APPLICANT EVEN AFTER DQ DUE TO THE REASON I'VE STATED ABOVE? Thanks in advance.
  21. Good Day everyone! Priority date: June 2, 2000 Became current on the visa bulletin: May 1, 2020 I turned 21 years old last July 3, 2020. The petitioner emailed NVC about it and they said that I am eligible for CSPA (because I was still under 21 in May 2020) It will just depend on the consul during interview. I read something here that I'd be protected as long as I submit a DS260 within a year after being current on the visa bulletin. I submitted a DS260 last April 29, 2020. Became documentarily qualified last December 2020 and right now, we're just waiting for the interview date. I'm just wondering because of all the backlogs and delays, what will happen after a year of submitting DS260? Does that mean I might be considered aged out in April 2021 since it's already been a year when I submitted a DS260? Thank you!
  22. Good Day everyone! US embassy here in the Philippines just posted an update about their operations regarding visas. The Embassy is currently processing limited numbers and they included in the immigrant visa: Interviews for Immediate Relative family members of U.S. citizens, including intercountry adoptions: IR-1, CR-1, IR-2, CR-2, IR-3, IH-3, IR-4, IH-4, and IR-5. I wanted to ask if "Immediate Relative family members" and family based immigration are just the same? Does it include F4? Thank you!!
  23. We are in AP since 21 feb. There is a name error in one of the derivative. Can we ask nvc to correct name while being in AP? Is it helpful?
  24. Hi, i am from F4 category, Pakistan. My Date of birth is 9 July, 2000. I am from Pakistan. I got DQed in Match 2020. My priority date is August 25, 2005. So does my age freezes when my priority date becomes current in chart of Final Action or the age in F4 category never gets freezes?
  25. Hello, I’m on H1B status in States and My parents has F4 file ( filed by mom’s sister ), Can someone help with CSPA Calculations and Is there any other way to be immigrant when my parents arrive in states. Here is details for our application, My Birth: 02/07/1994 Priority Date: 03/23/2005 Approved Date: 08/20/2009 DS 260 Filed: Aug 2019 I paid all fees for me along with my parents. However, When I open the portal now, I cannot see my name after couple of months. We’re waiting for interview letter currently. As per calculation, It looks like I’m already aged out but is there any other way to get eligible for GC? Any help would be really appreciated.
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