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  1. We had our interview today: approved! Very happy! The officer said that our application had already been approved and she just kept our proof of relationship. She asked us about how we met, when we met our families, our wedding, and why we decided to get married. Then she just let us know that she was going to approve our application.
  2. Our interview was scheduled for June 17th! 🎉Now, just nervous about preparing all the documents.
  3. Thank you so much! I hope for a many updates for November today and next week. It's may which means we are reaching 6 months of waiting. It's our time. And maybe they are prioritizing interviews for K1 since the usual wait for my local office for interviews is about a year.
  4. So checked to day and to my complete surprise it said our interview was scheduled yesterday. We hope to get the letter telling us when it was scheduled for next week (and hopefully it's scheduled soon!). Absolutely no updates on EAD/AP which I find ridiculous but I'm not complaining that we got movement in our AOS which is infinitely more important.
  5. That's awesome! Hope you get yours soon! I'm not holding out too much hope for the interview to be scheduled quickly because ours is like a 9 to 12 month wait for a green card interview..soo.. but I'm hoping our ead/ap comes through in may!
  6. My 485 changed to interview ready to be scheduled but no update on EAD/AP yet It can take forever, especially at my local office that has a long long long processing wait.
  7. Same; it's been 160 days for us and I would be extremely disappointed if we reach the same amount of days as we waited for our K1. These wait times are ridiculous.
  8. Mine actually doesn't even say schedule an interview. It says we received the fingerprint fee but we got our biometrics done all the way back in December.
  9. Tomorrow is our day 145 ⏲️let's see how the next few days go.
  10. Same as us. Fingerprint fee received. On the processing times tab on VJ.
  11. It says they're already touched Nov 21 for EAD/AP approvals! Crossing fingers that we get lots of approvals this week! November 16 here waiting
  12. Trying to keep the hope alive! And it certainly helps seeing other November filers getting approved! Our received date is November 16 so here's hoping that ours arrives soon as we have some travel plans for later in the year that we'd like to start up on. I hope your greencard is not far behind!
  13. We're destined to be on this journey together! 😁 It's going good, have a lot less time to be on here since starting nursing school in January but otherwise, everything is going well. Enjoying not having to worry about time differences or facebook calls. But this process continues to be stressful, annoying, and gut-wrenching through and through. I suspect it will stay this way until our husbands are citizens. How is it going for you guys?
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