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  1. Ok so an update for whoever might be interested. We didn't include all previous name change evidence this time. We sent the package off on the 15th, it has been delivered on the 18th and i got USCIS text notification today (20th) stating the receipt number and that they will be mailing the official receipt notice too. They haven't charged us yet, at least it doesnt show on our bank account.
  2. I used other names before and mentioned them throughtout my K-1 and adjustment of status process and provided legal name change evidence/proof already. I will also mention all those name in my I-751 application but should I include the evidence again? Thats so many papers that they should already have on file. I can't find any info on this in the instructions and don't want to overcomplicate things by sening extra papers they might not need. I guess my question is pretty straight forward. Should I include legal name change papers again? Would you?
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