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  1. So qualifying event and special enrolment period only applies if i get health insurance from the marketplace? employer-based insurance is a completely different story? thank you!!!
  2. "Any enrollment outside of that time has to be triggered by a qualifying event (QE). Although, many Americans find themselves in a rock in a hard place as they are outside of employment and believe that they can get coverage when they start their new job. Unfortunately a new job is not considered a qualifying event." this is what i found online.
  3. i know i can cancel anytime. my question is if i can get a new insurance through work anytime during the year or it depents on what that particular job offers? i heard about life qualifying event and that getting a new job is not considered a qualifying event for special enrollment. this is what confuses me
  4. Hi people! We are about to get insured for the next year through marketplace. My husband doesn't have any health coverage through work at the moment since he's been working per diem. The plan is to get something more stable either full time or part-time at the beginning of next year. My question is - will we be stuck with the insurance from the marketplace all the way until next year enrollment or there is a change to switch to something different through employment once my husband starts a new job?
  5. its absolutely fine. our officer said exactly the same. file is already too big, he only took joint bank account statement and 4 pages of pictures. we had nothing else to add. got approved in 1 month.
  6. no email or phone notification throughout the whole GC process. received a status update notification on the USCIS app
  7. It doesn't. If you are talking about obamacare marketplace it should not affect your application. I assume you need to be either adjusting your status already or have a green card. You are not eliible for Medicare or Medicaid or food stamps. https://www.healthcare.gov/immigrants/immigration-status/
  8. New site never worked for me! My status there still says case received even though i got my green card already!
  9. So 28 days after the intwerview we finally received status update! I guess my greencard is about to arrive?? This is the only update we received. No "case approved" or "new card is being produced", just the one that says it was picked by the postal service. The whole process took us 5 month almost. USCIS is doing quite good this year.
  10. How many background checks you have to go through? 😅 What was the one for the visa then to get here? I feel like its the same thing over and over. The officer didn't tell us much, he gave us a letter of continuance which says that the interview is completed, they have to review it and if they need something else, they'll let us know. And that once they make a decision they will mail it to us. The letter says up to 120 days but i guess its standart.
  11. So I was waiting to see what to update you with, but there is not much to share. We had our interview a week ago and since then there was no status update or anything. It still says "Interview Was Scheduled". I just don't get why some people get approved right away and some people have to wait for something, even though its all pretty clear. Forgot to mention that we got our EAD card already.
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