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  1. After sending the missing document (child birth certificate on K1 visa) and passport directly to consulate, visa was ISSUED. Thanks for the support!
  2. Like in weeks or months ? ūüėĀ
  3. No, it is was a K1, the child will follow later maybe with a K2 or some process depend on how late it will be.
  4. Hello, Does anybody knows the average for a 221(g) to be processed, child birth certificated was requested and was not available at the interview. also, What are the approve/denial chances with a 221(g) Thanks Van Der
  5. VanDerFran

    Airline ticket to USA

    I wanted to go early and was cheaper to buy a one way instead of change
  6. VanDerFran

    Airline ticket to USA

    Foreign, China-Eastern Airlines
  7. VanDerFran

    Airline ticket to USA

    I just got back from the Philippines 2 weeks ago using the return only, I end-up buying a one-way going to Cebu into a early date and ignored the first part of my round trip, I had no issues using the return only.
  8. Looking for recommendations for traveling to USA on a K1 visa. 1. Any problem, on flying with a less expensive airline ticket and landing(doing immigration) in a US State not being the state specified on the Visa request form? Fiance could go from Manila to Miami with one stop outside USA or a much less expensive two stop including one inside USA, like JFK, LAX, BOS or ATL? This will push immigration to be done on the 2nd stop instead of of final destination. 2. For the Airline ticket for a K1 visa is required to be a round-trip? 2.a If round-trip not required, did anyone ever try to buy a (less expensive one-way) USA-Manila-Manila-USA and use only the Manila-USA part ? 2.b.If round-trip not required, what is the time frame for the return ? Thanks.
  9. "Largest age gap I seen come through was 37 years.. they were approved." "they?", approval is not made by a team.... and yes one office may not like the idea of big age gap as the other may not like the idea of different religion.
  10. Cyberbro, I know it is hard to get the clear info from her, after the denial, but have her calm down, and help her remember all questions and how she did answer. You described a perfect scenario for a successful K1 visa, but again, what is the age gap, is your ex a pinay also, and related to your fiance, did you meet other girls on the 3 trips, does she or you have other K1 denied/withdraw before, who file for your divorce and why, any accusation of abuse, any court order/restriction. etc... Please dont take personal or offended, those are just questions that came to my head, knowing what was, will help you help you better prepare for the next step. Dont give up... it is just a bump in the road... you both will be here and happy. Van Der
  11. VanDerFran

    Passport, I want to ask

    I would not travel with a passport that will expired in less then 6 months, I have seen people getting annoyed from the airline company to the immigration in and out. Are you planing to get a new passport there ?
  12. VanDerFran

    Questions regarding changing my step son's last name

    You can change here with court as you mention, some Filipinos or other experts should tell us if name change is allowed there, in case it is not possible to change, your son will need to travel with Filipino passport using old name, not a big deal until they say it does not match with the airline ticket or give a hard time saying is not the same child. Luckily as an american he dont need visa in advance to enter Philippines, so he can enter as US tourist. But dont quote me on that, it is just me thinking out loud, I am not an expert in Philippines travel hacks :-D
  13. VanDerFran

    Name change after naturalization

    As far I as know, her US passport is a more powerful prof off citizenship, I would apply for a new passport, and passport card, l it ease to carry on the wallet, and keep the court name change and certificate on a safe.
  14. Congratulations. Very interesting, I like to know that as well, most likely not, but let me ask, did you added the baby name (name to be) to I129F, if you did, I believe you can request a K2 for the baby after he or she is born. but I will leave for the experts here to help you better.
  15. VanDerFran

    Joint Bank Account et al...

    I am wondering how Remitly and Western Union differ when doing bank to bank transfer! I never did any but I can see the option on WU online.