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  1. If you are not already doing so, you can track your case on the follwing sites: https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/ https://myaccount.uscis.gov/ If these are new too you, they may or may not update for every step so don't worry if they don't.
  2. Yes, now you juat wait until you get the scheduled interview notice. We had a lot of trouble too with the k1 visa part but were really lucky with this part of the process and received the green card in 4 months. Don't give up hope, it might be quick. Good luck!!
  3. If you go to the DMV they should be able to renew the state ID so it isn't expired anymore. Just bring the required paperwork to renew his ID. If you have a wells fargo near you, they accept a passport for ID. That is who we used to open a joint account because we couldn't get a state ID where we are at. Wells fargo was very easy.
  4. Unless there is information you didn't provide that would prevent it, you should be able just to go to the local dmv to renew a state id.
  5. We just received our green card in the mail today. After a couple of years of hurrying up to wait, our journey takes a rest for 2 years. Thank you to anyone that has helped or sent words of encouragement over the last 2 years. We finally get some relief and time to relax. To everyone still waiting, hopefully it won't be too much longer but it's all worth it when you get that green card. Good luck everyone!
  6. Ours took about 24 hours and it was only on the newer site, then the newer site stopped updating and the old site showed that our card was mailed.
  7. Ours was 1 week later but I've seen people wait a few months. You never know when because there isn't a set standard. Hang in there, good luck that you hear something soon.
  8. We only had the bank account in both our name since i have everything paid off. We were approved last week with no problem at all. We just showed some pictures and the bank account. As long as everything is genuine, you will ne ok.
  9. Not sure if it varies from state to state but we didn't submit anything related to medical and we were approved last thursday.
  10. We use Wells Fargo. Not sure what state you are in but they let us use her passport for ID.
  11. I hope you will hear back soon so you don't have wonder. Make sure you check both sites. Mine updated on 1 site but not the other and it was vice versa when we found out the interview was scheduled. After having so much trouble with k1 visa, we waited just under 4 months for completion of AOS. We got very lucky. Good luck everyone!
  12. We were told the same thing yesterday but ours just updated to "new card is being produced" when we woke up today. Good luck!
  13. Just had our interview at Mt Laurel, NJ. Didn't get the immediate approval we hoped for so we are a bit worried. Hope it works out and we hear back soon. Good luck everyone!
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