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  1. A family member went back to India after becoming US citizen. She is currently in India. She applied for surrender certificate to Regional passport office in India and waiting for that appointment. She also paid 5000 Rs. fees for surrender certificate. Does she need to separately apply for renunciation certificate? If yes how can she do that ..please note she is India so ckgs website will not work for her.
  2. Applying for elderly family member..she was born and brought up in India so what do I choose options are Father, mother,grand father,grand mother,great grand mother and father and self Because she can give birth certificate I believe she should choose SELF ? Please advise..
  3. I visited the OCI site but it does not say anything about renunciation. I believe first we need to renounce Indian citizen and get Indian passport back with stamp that its canceled due to foreign citizenship acquired. So how do we apply for renunciation?
  4. She could not apply for OCI within first 5 months after being in India and becoming citizen. If she apply now ..just the application itself will serve the purpose (that she does have to fly out of India within 180 days) or one needs to have an actual OCI card in possession/issued to them before they can get away with this 180 days requirement?
  5. After becoming US citizen (born and brought up in India and has her own home in India) she immediately moved back to India on etrouist visa and on visa says contentious residence for more than 180 days not allowed. Her visa is valid for 1 year though. That means she needs to go out of India within 180 days of arrival...even for a day to prove that she does not have contentious residence of more than days. Her original plan was to apply for OCI within a month of two of arrival but after arriving in India ...she had couple of surgeries and she is still sick ..so could not work on her OCI application neither she is able to go out of India ..even for a day. She still has about 20 days left before 180 days mark. How can she get away with this requirement ..she is not in position to fly out of India due to health reasons... What does she need to ...she can get a certificate from her Doctor but where does she need to with that certificate? she needs to go Police commissioner's office in Ahmadabad or she needs to go FRRO office in Ahmadabad? or she can go either of those two?
  6. Yes she has visa validity for almost 7 more months from today.. but on her visa says continuous stay can not exceed 180 days and today she there for 153 days......if she apply for OCI now and does not get OCI within 20 days...can she be in trouble? and u said apply in person ...U mean at local FRRO office ?
  7. Yes but after your complete online application ..where do u mail the application..or can u go to FRRO in person in Ahmadabad office?
  8. There is CKGS website but it is only available to US residents... How to apply for renunciation of Indian citizenship from within India? Asking for a family member who has moved to India for long time and not gonna come back any time soon to USA. She knows she needs to renounce Indian citizenship and get OCI card ..but we don't know how to apply ..where is the form ..is it online ? Please advise..
  9. I am asking about a US citizen elderly family member. She is in India since May 29th 2019 so she there for about 150 days ...Due to various medical issues she could not apply for OCI or could not renounce Indian citizen or surrender Indian passport. Now on her etourist visa page it says 'Continuous stay during each visit should not exceed 180 days' I believe she will not get OCI within 30 days even if she applies today correct? How long it takes to get OCI card if application is filed from India itself? Also does she need renunciation certificate before she can apply for OCI? So my question is ..if she applies for OCI ..can she legally overstay .i.e. more than 180 days while waiting for OCI card to arrive ?
  10. She recently became US citizen and immediately after that she went to India and she is going to stay in India for long time. Her etourist visa says e-Visa Validity period is 365 days from the date of issuance of this ETA. Activities Permitted :Meeting Friends/Relatives Continuous stay during each visit should not exceed 180 days Every foreigner entering India on a visa that is valid for 180 days or more has to register themselves with the Foreign Regional Registration Office (FRRO), within 14 days of arrival. But she did not register ..and it has been 152 days...does she need to pay penalty? Does she need to register if she is going to stay for longer than 180 days which is continuous? what is the purpose of registration? Will registration extend the continuous 180 days requirement to 1 year or its will provide exit visa?
  11. Asking for a US citizen elderly family member who recently became US citizen but not residing in USA. She has been resident in India for more than 182 days in last 12 months so for Income tax purpose she is Indian resident and she inteds to continue to stay in India forever or at least for long time ..so as per FEMA also she is Indian resident. Because she became US citizen..she has to renounce Indian citizenship and surrender passport But when she renounce Indian citizenship what happens to their Aadhar and PAN card ..Are they both invalid ? or because she was Indian origin and residing in India ..she can continue to have both Aadhar and PAN?
  12. I am filing renunciation certificate for family member...CKGS India website and it is asking 'Have you ever changed name' ..she has changed name about 9 years ago and her current Indian passport was issued after that name change ..her current passport says 'CHOKSI AKA SHAH' and on second last page of current passport there is a stamp that says 'this holder was previous known as' and that it says 'full previous name' handwritten. so one would think that to answer question one should say 'yes' because she has changed her name...BUT when I checked document checklist it says 'For Former Indian nationals, if your name in your Indian Passport or Indian Government issued document is different in any way from the name in the Current Passport, a copy of ONE of the following documents must be provided" so as per document checklist instructions...she does not have to say 'yes' to the question if she has changed her name?? Because her current Indian passport and current US passport have same name accept that US passport has only middle initial while India passport has full middle name. So what should we choose ...should we say yes to the question if she ever changed her name? ..if say yes ..than they would want documentary proof and date of such change which we don't have.(as it was 9 years ago)
  13. 1.After becoming US citizen - I understand Indian passport holder need to get renunciation certificate. I also read that it has to be done in 90 days. What is the penalty/consequence if he/she can not do it in 90 days? 2. Further to visit India after becoming US citizen ..one needs to have US passport before they can get evisa? or Indian passport can still be used to get evisa? 3. How long does it take to get evisa...do u need proof of travel (ticket purchased) before applying for evisa? 4. What is quickest way to get US passport ?
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