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  1. I wouldn’t panic too much about it. I didn’t ask for expedite or overnight shipping and my passport took 14 days. I think you’ll be fine and get it in plenty of time. The status updates were also not in real time for me. When I got the email saying that my passport was done and being mailed to me and that it would take 2-3 days, I checked the mail tracking number they sent me and it said it was already in my mailbox. And lo and behold, when I got home there was a passport waiting in my mailbox for me.
  2. @Anabless YAY, tomorrow is the big day!!! Enjoy it!!!! I’m so happy that you’ll finally be done with all of this!!
  3. Because it’s 30 days after they issue the notification. It’s standard even though the date they say to contact them is usually after the date of the oath ceremony.
  4. I’m so glad that they’ve finally approved you!! I know there’s still more waiting but at least they haven’t forgotten about you and you are one step closer to your oath.
  5. I think for status updates, it just automatically puts in whatever date they actually do the update on the computer and is not an actual reflection of anything. Some people don’t even get that status, it’s just a matter of if they feel like getting around to it or not. The only date that matters is the one on the actual certificate. I registered to vote online and applied for passport at my local post office the same day of my oath and both went through without any issues whatsoever.
  6. Yes mine says it was issued 5 days after I actually received it. I wouldn’t worry about it, it’s just an online status. You’re done with USCIS, stop worrying.
  7. The time on the notice is probably the “early” time so they have enough time to check people in before the actual ceremony starts. Mine said to be there at 10am. I arrived about 30 mins earlier (9:30am) and there were people waiting already but there was another ceremony going on so we all just had to stand there and wait until it was done. At 10, the other ceremony was done so we could be seated. The actual checking in process didn’t start until about 10:45 or so and the ceremony didn’t start until about 11:15.
  8. CTgal18

    Re entry

    It may not be what the OP meant but it is very possible to have a cousin who has a brother that is not considered your cousin. Say my cousin is my mom’s sisters son. If my cousin’s father (who is only an uncle by marriage but has no blood relation to me) has another child with another woman, he will be my cousin’s half brother but will not be considered my cousin because neither of his parents has any blood relation to me.
  9. Unfortunately processing time even in same office can vary. They could still be doing security checks or name checks on you for some reason, or your file hasn’t made it to the office for some reason. I filed in February and there were two filers from my office, one in January and one also in February. The other Feb filer took slightly longer to get an interview date than us other two. And after interview, the Jan filer got his oath scheduled 11 days after interview, I got mine 26 days after and the other Feb filer is 65 days post interview and she still doesn’t have her oath letter. So it’s not necessarily going to be same amount of time just because you’re in the same office.
  10. No problem. Congrats on the approval and I hope you get your oath letter soon!
  11. Nope. Only document that would have said that is the N652 form you got at your interview had they approved it on the spot. They’re not going to mail out another saying that you were approved. The only other document you’re going to get now is your oath letter.
  12. If it just says “we approved your application” as the status, that does not mean your oath ceremony was scheduled yet. It will say “we scheduled your naturalization ceremony” once they have scheduled it and sent out the letter.
  13. That’s so annoying though. Why would it take 4 months for someone to verify some travel dates, seems like it could be done a lot sooner. Ugh. I hope you get scheduled soon and it doesn’t take two more months to get an answer. 🙁