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  1. I don't think they will send you the email. As long as you have the SRC#, email no longer matters.. Just waiting for the paper I-797 to arrive in mail. I think we won't hear anything from USCIS till end of the year or early next year.. Current processing time is 6-8 months to get approval from USCIS..
  2. Just an update that we got the SRC # yesterday and it'll be processed at Texas service center..
  3. no email or text regarding receipt # yet but our credit card got charged
  4. Yes, I attached G-1145.. I think we may either receive the text/email notification by end of this week or early next week.. Even they got it today, they may not process right away, so we may wait for a few days
  5. My wife filed for her mom and UPS just delivered our I-130 today to Chicago lockbox. We are in NY as well..
  6. I can understand why they sent your N400 back to TX since you have not completed your move yet. I can not understand why they transferred your I-751 back and forth since it does not have a residency requirement and any local office can approve it..
  7. This time frame means nothing, once you pass the estimated waiting time, it will be showing "your case is taking longer than expected to process"...
  8. it should be around one year to get interview scheduled for Saint Paul MN
  9. Maybe NBC has not yet transferred your N400 to local office on the date of your interview.. I have seen a few people who had similar experience.. They may call you to let you know the date when it's available and make sure you don't miss the call, but a new interview letter should be posted under doc tab as well if you filed online.. I think there is nothing you can do about at this moment but wait...
  10. not sure what will happen on N400,at least you have 10 year green card for now.. wish you the best
  11. my question is how IO knows that you have not completed the move from TX to AZ? Is 90 days residency rule only matter when you file N400? It seems like you have to live in the same district for 90 days where your interview takes place rather than where you originally filed N400..
  12. If you case is really approved, you should receive your green card soon.. It may be a false alarm but you don't know till you have your green card on hand..
  13. I have become U.S citizen since 2013 and I've never changed the SSC and got no issue at all.. You can replace one if you like but no harm if you choose not to..
  14. Once you become a U.S citizen and go to SSA to update your status from permanent resident to U.S citizen, you will be given a chance to replace your current social security card but it doesn't hurt you if you choose not to . 'Valid for work only with DHS authorization' on social security card means nothing since you have to present with either your green card or U.S passport to prove that you are legal to work in U.S anyway. Even you have no "'Valid for work only with DHS authorization'" mentioned on the social security card, you still need your GC or U.S passport.
  15. N400 filed based on marriage is very similar to I-751.. Joint IRS tax transcript , house deed, joint bank statement, car insurance/ health insurance with both name on it & life insurance with their spouse as beneficiary, or other docs that you can provide with both name on it plus some pictures should be just fine for the case.
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