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  1. It is like, you are asking someone to build a mansion for your own benefits but you dont hve the fund to pay for it. Either you save more money,work 2-3-4-5 more jobs or drop it. There is a reason why lawyer cost money. Lawyer spent years and years to learn their knowledge and spent $$$ for their school so they have that knowledge...there is the reason why their fee is expensive. You cant go to car dealership and tell them to give you brand new cadillac xts with price of used old nissan altima. It aint work that way dude.. So good luck
  2. For same sex marriage you will end in prison if you do it in Indonesia. Bad advise.
  3. Hi Juners, I just got a notification stated that my Biometric is applied to my case
  4. I bought customized stamp with my name and A number (like other VJ suggested) and punched all copies papers with the stamp 😉. I tried to follow all the instruction on USCIS web🙂
  5. Just wondering, if OP annull their marriage, will it make it be more advantage for OP than divorce ? 🤔 anything VJ gurus ?
  6. once you received NOA you should be able to travel with that extension letter
  7. I am sure as US citizen you are aware with it ... do not put your name on birth certificate. Once you were become the legal " father " you are hooked for 18 years for child support. She cheated on you before marriage, trust me once people cheat they will always cheat.
  8. I have to second @JFH you need to seek help and I would not want to deal with alcoholic as well if I was your wife. I see there is always reason for an alcoholic to think it is ok to drink. My nephew is disable mentally and physically ( can't feel from neck to toe ) because a " cool guy" decided to drive with over 2.0 alcohol in blood because he had the need to overcome his sadness with alcohol and driving and hit my cousin's car after picked up his son from music class. Yes they got insurance money but no it does not worth the suffer my family went through. DUI and still try to defend your self. Sad to read it.
  9. as @StuTorstated. same like me, I screenshot pictures on FB and Instagram so they have date on it and put it on Word document and print it.
  10. Thanks ! I just got my NOA yesterday and now the long long long fun wait just begun !!
  11. True ! So Agree!!😂 I mean for me, when I buy something for long term for example a car, I would like to touch it, see it, feel it, smell it, drive it. Because I want/plan to keep it for a long time. Marriage (suppose) is for the lifetime. A lifetime is a long time !! I know it wont work for some people but for most people even (like me) I spent time like over 4 years living together before move forward with K1 and get married and even when we thought that we know each other good enough it is not same. Leave alone someone that haven't met for long time. People change. Especially havent met for over 2 y?lot of thing could change in 2 years. I was a carnivore 2 years ago now I am a vegetarian. I believe eventhough we claim we know our significant other but with time we always learn something new about our partner. I hope OP would see it as a positive feedback from us not as a negative side.
  12. My genuinely opinion is, the requirement to meet someone under 2 years is not only for USCIS purposes but it is also good for your own sake. Everyone is different in real life and online. i.e. I can use filter when I face time but I can't use filter when I meet someone in person. bare in mind it is the matter of being bonded for at least 10 years just in case your marriage didnt work and she decided to stay in USA without job and you will be responsible for her ( I know I sound negative ). I would highly recommended to be patience and follow the process. Good things come to those who wait Good luck
  13. they moving real quick with yours. I am June filer and I might just get something in the mail today.
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