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  1. NO EAD- No GC = No Authorization for work in US = you CAN NOT work either at home or whatsoever in US
  2. Yes info is on Google too ! Get general information by yourself i.e. Google THEN, after you research all the info you still have questions, you go to forum and asked people. You ain't a baby nor little kid that need to be shown all little things and information aight ? Why don't you just come up with question that more specific ? Your question literally just shows how you want to be fed without effort.
  3. The most important thing is make your marriage legal within 90days so K1 visa holder can move forward with AOS and remain legal in US. so courthouse wedding is fine
  4. Then, Good luck, Hopefully you are working hard enough to be able to afford visa process + attorney ( as you mentioned )+ other expenses and not leaning on your wife's income
  5. Sorry for your circumstances. I hope you will be remain strong. Prays going to your husband way and your family
  6. it is a rant page right ?! I went to meeting and then lunch, then a coworker saw me and said " are you prego ? " Yes with half dozen Krispy kreme ! 😩
  7. I am gov employee lol. you know that people that try to make taxpayer happy
  8. Hi guys ...let me join the conversation... LOL at work and this monday I've got nothing to do haha
  9. The US embassy doesn't really care about family drama, the most important is to be able to prove the embassy that your relationship is real and gather as many proof that your relationship is solid. however it wont be marry in secret if you apply this long K1 journey. Good luck tho..
  10. You gonna surprise about what you know and you don't LOL me and my now husband were dating almost 7 years and lived together for 3years before going through K1, even now after 1 year marriage I am still surprises about what I know and I don't LOL 🤣🤣
  11. Hahaha Thanks... okay then he has no option instead just wait like the rest of us and be patience. Cause good things come to those who wait
  12. Where you from ? Maybe if you were from i.e. ESTA country you can try to come and visit US and proof that you will go back ? Maybe then you can try to come and visit IF CBP would let you go through.
  13. Yes. I even got it before other people who applied it 2 months before I arrived into US keep the positive thought
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