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  1. Received my NOA in the mail today super happy about that... assigned to Potomac which literally has the LONGEST processing time 🙈 according to USCIS website 20-22 months... how does that "be patient" thing work again?! lmao And also please someone educate me on how to change "Filed for:" to ROC?! Mine keeps saying K1... <--------------
  2. Nice!! That's about the same I did it. Tried to keep it in chronological order
  3. How many pictures did you include in your package? I'm at 31 pictures and hope that'll do it 🙈 backed up by all other evidence and affidavit letters from friends/family.
  4. Are there any special precautions to take when traveling while having a "pending" status? I will send out my packet this week and will travel to my home country next month and am just curious if there is any extra paperwork to take with me to make sure they let me back in lol
  5. Am I allowed to highlight certain things on supporting documents such as bank statements etc...? I want to point out our names and dates.
  6. I was wondering if the cover letter is written in the name of the US citizen or the foreign spouse? Filing jointly.
  7. Hey there! I don't know if this Group already exists or if this is even allowed just yet lol But... I am gathering all my paperwork to send in the new big packet in August. Who else is going to file in August? ☺️
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