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  1. I am new to driving so I barely understand all these terms. But the officer did give me a paper that stated the fine on it and told me to long into some website and pay it off. Is actually my first. Have never been pulled over before.
  2. August 25. Thank you. So how do I get a certificate of disposition?
  3. So I had a citation a couple of days ago. Meanwhile my oath ceremony is next month. What’s going to happen? Please
  4. Help needed please. Is been almost a month since I was approved and put in line for oath. But nothing yet. Anything I can do?
  5. Hi y’all. Just out of curiosity, how long does it take to be scheduled for oath ceremony? I had my citizenship interview in Duluth MN due to my pend i751 I was approved and put in line for oath on june 10. Anybody else been waiting to be scheduled? Thank you!
  6. Yes they did. Didn’t ask of my wife or anything. About five questions on our relationship. They weren’t any complicated questions. When we got married, her previous relationships, my stepdaughter.
  7. Guys new update on my post earlier. Today was my interview and like I said my wife tested positive for covid but I’m negative and vaccinated. I could not find a phone number for the location so I took the test and brought a spare just in case. So I got there on time and surprise surprise, no temp check, no one ask me any of the covid questions. So I hearses in and my interview started half an hour late. I was a nervous wreck. I pray you all have someone like the one who interview me. He didn’t ask for extra documents outside the usual. I did two interviews simultaneously. I don’t know why since my roc application still says finger prints where applied to my case. They were all smooth. Asked six questions which I believe I got them all right. I could not get a decision on my case with the reason that my roc file is still in Minneapolis which he doesn’t have. Now that really scares me. Thank you all for your input. Please send anymore comments and suggestions my way. salaam
  8. Thank you that’s very helpful. I will give it a shot on the D-day. I know I don’t have covid. I am so freaked out about it I test myself everyday.
  9. That’s very helpful but I’m still a lil confuse with my case. I had my second dose on the 19th and then my wife tested positive a day or two later. My interview is on Thursday in Duluth Minnesota. I wanna call tomorrow to reschedule my interview but I’m scared is gonna take forever to have an interview date. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.
  10. I received notification on Saturday saying there was an action on my case.
  11. I have not been scheduled an interview for the i751. It so says my biometrics were received. The letter I got is kind of confusing because it doesn’t say to bring my wife. It says because of covid I can only bring a lawyer or have him or her on the phone. But I’m still going with my wife. Hopefully they let her in. Thanx
  12. Hi y’all. I just wanted to let you know I was scheduled for an interview for June 3. My n400 application was received on March 17 2021. Is kind of exciting and scary because it seems really fast. I still have a pending removal of condition application which last update says biometrics was applied to my case for almost a year now. Any idea how the interview works with a pending i751 application? Sorry I don’t have much info on my profile. My wife used to run this profile and am not that technologically inclined.
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