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  1. Stelare, although you initially submitted all documents and required enclosures electronically, it's always prudent to bring with you hardcopies in the event your interviewer questions and/or asks about/for a specific item. Likewise, print all joint banking, utilities, mortgage/rent invoice statements, joint insurance policies & invoices, any joint credit card statements, or any other joint reoccurring payment documentation, plus air travel ticket receipts or airline account manifest printout. Always err on being prepared with 'more evidence' to present is always the best preparation. You will be fine, just be relaxed with a pleasant attitude and your interview will go well!
  2. Were refer to it as the USCIS entangled nebulous maze...
  3. You will have a combined joint interview then. Our interviewer began by questioning the two of us together, as to full birth names, DOB, where did we meet and date, how long we had lived and been together. All in all I was in the first part of the interview 9-11 minutes, then asked to return to the waiting room area. My spouse's N-400 interview lasted another 19-20 minutes, and was advised that the interviewer was recommending his approval for US naturalization. Now we're awaiting notification of the scheduled Oath Ceremony date and time in Atlanta.
  4. Rest assured the USCIS Interviewing Officer will conduct a joint combination interview. You'll be asked if you have supplemental evidence you would like to submit, such as bank statements, utility statements, car insurance/registration documents, and others that demonstrate your life and marriage is legitimate. Easy peasy!
  5. If you've received 2 separate appointment letters, and they each specifically indicate N-400 interview, I suspect that whoever internally processed the 2nd letter erred and should have mailed the I-751 interview notification during the N-400 scheduled interview. Anyway, both of you plan to attend, and inform the interviewer or during the inside check-in process after you've cleared USCIS FSO security upon entering the building. You are good to go!
  6. USCIS, depending on the FSO. will normally notify with a follow-up USPS delivered letter advising that the N-400 will be a combo joint I-751 interview informing that the spouse is required to also attend. If it were me, I would plan to accompany your spouse in the event that they failed to notify of the combined joint interview status. That way they will not have to re-schedule the N-400 to include having a joint combo of your I-751. Progressive analytical projected thinking...
  7. Great news! Let us hear back from you after your interview. Just stay focused and you'll be fine.
  8. Consider calling the local office of your Ohio District Congressional elected US House Representative, advise them of your dilemma, and ask them to assist you with accommodating arrangements for your Oath Ceremony other then drive through.
  9. Suggest you contact your USCIS Field Service Office, and/or Google US District Court [here type the name of the location of the USCIS FSO your had your N-400 interview] and check how to contact them. In your contacting them inform them of your situation, and ask them what alternative options they have to accommodate you for your Oath ceremony. In as much, it would be helpful if you would post back here on VJ how they handled and/or accommodated your situation and request. Buen suerte.
  10. Check out the 'YouTube' videos of the interview scenarios and what to expect. Very helpful and informative. Buen suerte!
  11. Bring any/all joint and/or individual bank monthly checking and/or savings statements, copies of joint utilities statements, and individual or joint Investment accounts statements whether 401-K, Roth or Traditional IRA account monthly statements. Any joint accounts paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. Automobile joint registration proof of ownership, and valid insurance policy coverage invoice/documentation. Photocopies of renewed and/or new drivers licenses. Our interviewer did not ask for/request photos, Holidays cards, or proof of travel outside or within the US by air. Every interview and interviewer are different. Bring as much additional documentation as you believe your case and relationship would benefit from submitting. Our interviewer did not specifically specify what we should additionally submit. She asked please give me copies of all additional items you would like to submit for our consideration in the final evaluation of your case. Questions asked; 1. What was one important thing that Abraham Lincoln did? 2. Name the 2 senators who represent the State of Georgia in Congress? 3. What is the Name the current Vice President of the USA? 4. What movement tried to end racial discrimination? 5. Name one American Indian tribe in the United States. 6. Name one U.S. territory.
  12. We received the notification of the joint combination I-751 at the time of the N-400 interview 96 hours after the initial Naturalization scheduled appointment interview notification.
  13. You would recieve a follow-up notification from USCIS informing you of the details if it is to be scheduled as a combo joint I-751 and N-400 interview. In the follow-up notification it requested that the spouse attend the interview with the applicant, and what you're required to submit and/or bring. Buen suerte!
  14. Morning STurcotte77, we called and contacted to local office of our US Congressional Representative requesting their assistance scheduling an InfoPass appointment at the Atlanta USCIS Field Service Office prior to your I-751 [Green card] expiration date. They expeditiously arranged for an appointment date/time. It was easy and efficient. NOTE: when you recieve the I-751 renewal stamp in your passport, USCIS will retain your expiring Green Card. Your passport must have an expiration date of greater than six months from the date of your InfoPass appointment date, otherwise you will need to renew it prior to having the appointment.
  15. Yes. it's wise to bring as every item of documented verifiable evidence you have, even if they do nor ask for or request it. We had three expandable document file folders containing photocopies of every item we had previously submitted beginning with our I-130 petition, right up to our N-400 Naturalization petition which was filed May 20, 2020 online. Our interviewer did not request specific documents, but asked us to submit copies of banking, utilities statements, current auto registrations and insurance coverage, etc. We provided all those and additional investment account monthly statements as well as a 2021 W-4, our 2019 IRS taxes since we filed on the July 15, 2020 deadline date.
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