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  1. Thank you. My interview was at 12:30pm and oath at 3pm which I believe was the last slot for the oath ceremony.
  2. I had my interview and oath on the same day. My interview went super smooth, IO was super nice. I was interviewed via video meeting.
  3. Does field office allow to carry documents in a folder? Are phones allowed?
  4. Hi @Waiting4N400 could you please share if you had same day oath ceremony? I read that your interview was at 12:15pm, could you please share your experience? Your help is much appreciated.

    1. Waiting4N400




      I got the same day ceremony. I'm guessing its due to bay area's rising COVID cases.


      My interview was done all in zoom and I was the only one in the room. Interview started at 12:15p and finished at 12:50p. I was instructed to wait for the ceremony time and date. Around 1:30p, about 10 people were called and told that our ceremony is on the same day, at 3pm. Filled out some form and form and went to the ceremony building 2:40pm. About 50 new citizens attended the ceremony and it was done in 10min. 


      Everything was so easy. My application took almost 2 years for some reason. I hated the wait but now it's over! I hope yours go as smooth as mine. Let me know if you have any more questions. 

    2. See7


      Awesome! Thank you so much. My interview is scheduled for next week at 12:30pm at SF field office, hoping for same day oath ceremony.

    3. See7


      Hello @Waiting4N400 quick question - were you allowed to take your phone inside the SF field office? I am thinking to take papers in a folder, do you know if they allow that as well? Many Thanks!

  5. @oakland71 Thank you! Below is my N400 timeline. Filed N-400 (Online) - June 15, 2021 Old Biometrics applied and I797C mailed - June 15, 2021 (case updated 5 minutes after online filing) Interview Notice - April 5, 2022 Interview Date - May 25, 2022
  6. Is there anyone who was interviewed at San Francisco field office? Could you please share your experience? Is SF FO doing same day oath ceremony?
  7. Interview scheduled for May 25th at San Francisco.
  8. Is there anyone from the San Francisco field office and still waiting for the interview date?
  9. If these PDFs were downloaded online then you will not be able to upload it to USCIS website (happened with me and others as well, might be due to some technical limitations). The workaround I used was - snipped each page into jpeg format and then converted each of them into PDFs and finally combined them in one PDF. I know it's a lot of work but it will be worth! Unless you can find a conversion tool which convert online PDFs into non-online format PDF.
  10. Don't worry about the estimated timeline that they show online as it is based off at least 5 year rule unless you fall under that category. Some cases might move fast based on their eligibility.
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