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  1. I agree with you . But they didn’t cash our check . Only loose FedEx overnight shipping charge and wasted 3 weeks. I think we will loose our application fee once they accept the application and assign a receipt number.
  2. So sorry to hear this. We also filed our case 1 day early to the 90 day period . But they send back the package within 15 days and told us to refile. I think in your case it’s better to refile again with a cover letter explaining your situation and request for an expedite( only if you didn’t get the package back). I don’t know if they expedite, but they are also responsible for the delay.
  3. I also got 24 month extension letter 2 weeks ago. I think they are sending the extension letter based on the expiration date. Mine was supposed to be expired on first week of February.
  4. Hi all, My case status for ROC shows ready to schedule for an interview since July 7th. So if I file for N400 now, should it delay the process? My extension letter expires in first week of February 2022.
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